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Reaserch On Xunzi's Thought Of Political Order

Posted on:2019-12-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330563459456Subject:Political science
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Political order has always been the core concern of political thinkers,For ancient China,the Confucian political order is generally regarded as the mainstream,And Xunzi played a key role in the Confucian political order from the ideal to the reality,from the conservative to the open transformation.Therefore,it had a very important influence on the political order of ancient China.This article takes the political order as the main axis,integrates and integrates Xunzi ' s theory of kismet,human nature theory,Wang Ba ' s political view,respecting the monarch,the long ceremony,the heavy method,and so on a series of very important and unique ideas.No matter how complex and contradictory Xunzi's thoughts seem,they all serve one purpose at last,that is to set up the Confucian ideal political order in such a troubled world of the Warring States period.This paper is divided into three parts: introduction,text and conclusion,in which the introduction mainly expounds the significance and background of the topic,the current research situation at home and abroad,the research methods and the summary of the main contents of the article.There are four chapters in the text: the first chapter mainly expounds the causes of the chaos caused by Xunzi,on the basis of analyzing the explanation of the cause of chaos.Xunzi points out that human nature plays a decisive role in the unrest in the world.The main content of the second chapter is to explain the theoretical basis of Xunzi's political order thought.In order to rebuild the political order in the unresting world,one must answer the question,that is,the question of what is the basis for the establishment of the political order,or the question of how it is possible to re-establish the political order.Xunzi answered this question from two aspects,one level is his view of heaven,because man is born,but man can participate in heaven,so human society can be realized by the sage to the Tao of heaven.Then the rites of participation and enlightenment are applied to the human society,so that the political order can be rebuilt.Another is the theory of human nature.Human nature plays a double role in Xunzi.One is the cause of chaos,but it can also be the cause of treatment if it can be guided and restrained.The third chapter is mainly about Xunzi ' s ideal political order and its basic design of political order.It is generally believed that Wang Daoism is the highest ideal of Xunzi,and the Hegemony politics is the inferior choice,and whether it is the royal road or the hegemony,Xunzi believes that it must start from the four aspects of the authority of the emperor,the rule of righteousness,the rule of law and the prohibition of punishment,in order to rebuild the political order.The fourth chapter is mainly on the analysis of the historical fate of Xunzi ' s political order and its evaluation,and on the basis of this,the author makes a modern reflection on Xunzi ' s thought of political order.To reflect on the major theoretical defects of its political order,it is to overemphasize the authority of the monarchy.Reconsidering whether it can be combined with modern politics.The conclusion part is mainly about the conclusion of this paper.
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