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Xunzi's Political Order Thought And Its Theory Predicament

Posted on:2021-03-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The political order was the focus of the thoughts of the pre-Qin philosophers.Xunzi was a master of the pre-Qin Confucianism.In line with the trend of the times,Xunzi designed a comprehensive and ideological system of political order,and drew a blueprint for Confucianism to govern the world.Xunzi's theory on heaven and human nature provide theoretical basis for his political order thoughts."Separation of Heaven and Human" enables the full play of human subjectivity."Human nature is evil" and "change humanity nature into kindness" are the basis of the emergence and realization of political order.Xunzi designed the ideal of governing the world with the combination of royal and hegemonic theories,and pursued the achievement of the king."Li" has the role of regulating politics and self-cultivation and is the focus of Xunzi's thoughts."Fa" as a supplementary norm can help "Li" to play a better role.At the same time,Xunzi also designed a political leader that realizes the king's achievements,highlights the role and status of the monarch in the political order,lifts the monarch high,and assists the monarch to better fulfill his responsibilities through the relationship between courtiers and citizens,and maintains the stable operation of political order.From the literature analysis method,we can see that Xunzi's thought of political order is a theory of order that conforms to the development of the times and show Xunzi's political wisdom.However,Xunzi's idea of political order has not become a reality.This ideal of order is facing a theoretical dilemma.The dilemma brought about by the external environment is manifested in Xunzi's life in a chaotic era,Confucianism was excluded from politics,Xunzi was not reused by his ruler throughout his life,and his order theory did not have the opportunity to combine with political rights.From the perspective of the structure of the theory itself,tension and dilemma also exist.First of all,Xunzi advocated the combination of "Li" and "Fa",but "the " Li " is primary,and the " Fa " is secondary" could easily lead to an imbalance between "Li" and "Fa",and eventually lead to a situation in which the "Fa" is higher than "Li".Secondly,Xunzi respected the monarch and raised his monarchy status,but did not set up a clear system to restrict the monarch's rights,which led to respect for the monarch to become a gap towards autocracy,and became a resistance to realize the ideal of Xunzi's political order.Thirdly,Xunzi's order thought has a tendency to legalist.Xunzi's disciples Han Fei and Li Si have brought this order theory to the historical predicament of Qin system and Legalist.It is the existence of these theoretical dilemmas that provides a direction for the development of later generations of history,and also makes it difficult for later scholars to study Xunzi's order thought.Xunzi's thought of political order did not completely disappear because of the limitations of the times,but found a way out in historical development.Han Confucianist reformed and developed Xunzi's order thought to promote the improvement of China's feudal political order.The development of history not only affected the development of feudal politics,but also played a deceptive role in the study of Xunzi's thought.In the face of predecessors' evaluations and research results of Xunzi's political order thought,contemporary scholars should make deep reflections,discern insights,distinguish positions and requirements of the times,draw wisdom from the research results of predecessors,and eliminate interference in order to truly restore history The original appearance,discover the charm of historical research.
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