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The People's Supervisor System

Posted on:2018-07-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The People's Supervisor System is a major reform measure launched by the Supreme People's Procuratorate in 2003 in order to deepen the reform of the procuratorial system,and has been in 2004 formally piloted,which has achieved a certain fruitful results during the fourteen years' exploration and improvement.This system aims to resolve the outstanding issues existing in investigation on duty crimes by way of development and reformation;to enrich the connotation of the procuratorial system with Chinese characteristics;to perfect the external supervisory system in the investigation department of duty crimes;therefore it has deep influence on advancing the process of the socialist rule of law.Playing a pivotal role in judicial reform of our country,the establishment of the people's supervisor system helped our procuratorates to gain the reputation of judicial democratization and judicial transparency.Undeniably,there are,nevertheless,still realities which have not been solved in a reasonable manner.With the issuing of the new regulations which came as the State Monitoring Committee was established,it is a significant reform task for us while comprehensively boosting the judicial reform,how to seize the opportunities and to further perfect the people's supervisor system.The first part of this thesis gives an overview of the basic connotation,functional orientation,theoretical foundation,development course,and practice situation of the people's supervisor system.The second part analyzes the bright spots in the reform of the people's supervisor system and reflects on the major problems existing in the practice,so as to furnish base and thoughts of the perfection of the system in the following chapter.The third part takes the relevant external supervisory system models from other countries as lessons;by comparison and analysis,it seeks methods for reference.Taking the deficiencies mentioned previously into account,the opinions to perfect the people's supervisor system will be brought up in the last chapter,as well as the proposal of the codification of the people's supervisor system,in order to guarantee the effectiveness of the system.At the same time,the outlook of the people's supervisor system under the the State Monitoring Committee will be discussed.
Keywords/Search Tags:The people's supervisor system, External supervision system, ICAC, People's Procuratorate, Criminal Procedure Law
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