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Problems And Countermeasures In The Implementation Of Extended Land Contracting Policies

Posted on:2020-12-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As for any countries in the word,land is considered as the most important spatial carrier,key element as well as material basis for social economic activities,which plays a crucial role for agricultural production and food acquiring to satisfy human's most basic existence needs,in addition,people can not deny the significance of land use in social material wealth.China,as one of the largest agricultural countries in the world,consistently emphasizes the “three rural issues”--issues relating to agriculture,rural areas,and farmers,which closely concern our national economy and the people's livelihood.The rural land issue is a crux in the work of the three agriculture-related issues which directly influences rural people's most concerned and most realistic interests.On this basis,the requirement related to deepen the theory of the transfer of land contracting and management rights as well as improve the legal policy system of land contracting and management rights emerges.As the most fundamental and core rights and interests of land for farmers,the right of land contracted management plays an important role in relevant regulations and policies concerning rural land use.Our country should consistently improve the land circulation system and protect the land contract rights owned by farmers without any damages,in other words,ensure farmers have the rights to postpone land contract,especially for those who do not engage in actual production or business operations on the land to which they own the rights of use.Through that,our country will do better in protecting farmers' legitimate interests as well as arouse their enthusiasm for production in order to create and maintain the harmony and stability of rural society and lay a solid foundation for the realization of rural revitalization strategic goals.Extending the period of land contract makes farmers have a long-term and stable expectation to land revenue,besides,it is conducive to protect farmers' basicrights and interests in land contracting and management for a long-term,and ultimately protecting the farmers' fundamental interests.An important land policy arrangement was put forward in the 19 th national congress of the CPC(the communist party of China).According to the policy,the second round of land contract shall be extended for another 30 years after expiration.The policy is a guidance for duly handling the relationship between farmers and rural land in the new situation.This paper,taking Yancheng city as an example and combing with domestic and foreign experts and scholars research status and development trends,starts from the analysis of the basic concept of land contract and probes into the main problems related to land contract and the extension of land contract in rural areas through practical investigation as well as put forwards with some suggestions about improving the policies of land contract extension.The paper aims to find the defects in the current land contract legislation system in China through analyzing and studying the problems in the process of land contract extension and provides reference and service for the reformation and innovation of rural land use system and management mechanism.
Keywords/Search Tags:rural land, the right of land contracting and management, the extension of land contract, mechanism perfection
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