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Study On The Participation Of Border People In H County Of Yunnan Province In Governing Cross-border Illegal Floating Population

Posted on:2020-04-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330572979915Subject:Political Theory
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The participation of border people in the governance of cross-border illegal migrants has certain practical significance.Governing the country must first rule the border,and the border line is the first line of defense to safeguard national security.The symbiotic relationship between border security and national security shows that maintaining border security is an important national strategic task,and the party and the state have attached great importance to it during the 19th National Congress.Along with the dual impact of the globalization tide and the modernization process,non-traditional security issues have risen to become important factors affecting national security and regional security.Among them,border areas bear the brunt,and cross-border illegal floating population is an important manifestation of non-traditional security threats in border areas..In this context,the author proposes a governance study on the problem of cross-border illegal migrants.The idea of"multiple"and"collaboration"contained in modern governance theory provides a theoretical basis for the introduction of the subject of governance.The border people are the main body of the border society,and the border people exist because of the demarcation of the border.The traits of generations born in the sect determine that the border people are an important force in safeguarding the border security.Therefore,the border people have the conditions to become a cross-border illegal migrant population.One yuan subject.Under the premise of theoretical presupposition,this paper takes the case of H County,a typical border county in Yunnan Province,as a case study,and conducts on-the-spot investigation on the status quo of border people's participation in the management of cross-border illegal migrants.H County has initially formed a civil defense self-governing force with the border people as the main body.As an auxiliary force of the country's official border defense forces,it plays an important role in maintaining border security.However,there are many limitations in the participation of border people at this stage.The internal and external conditions required for the participation of the border people are insufficient,so that the governance of cross-border illegal migrants has been restricted,resulting in the lack of participation of the border people,resulting in the participation of border people in cross-border illegal migrants.The degree of problem governance is not deep enough,and it is difficult for the people to defend the soil and the role of the soil.Whether the border people can effectively realize their role in defending the soil and solidifying the land determines the effectiveness of the cross-border illegal floating population governance.Therefore,it is of great significance to explore how to effectively realize the role of the border people in protecting the soil and solid.Based on the investigation of the status quo of the participation of border residents in H County,the author believes that the border people are the basic resources for the governance and utilization of cross-border illegal migrants.The border people are an indispensable force outside the border control system led by the state power.It is proposed that under the leadership of the government,through extensive social mobilization,the path selection of the orderly participation of the border people should be expanded,aiming at constructing a benign interaction model of government mobilization and participation by the people.The government still plays a leading role in governance,through different forms of mobilization to meet the interests of the people and the consciousness of the border people,thereby mobilizing the enthusiasm of the border people to participate in governance,so that it can play a role in stabilizing the border order and safeguarding border security,and ultimately contribute to the modernization of border governance.Process.
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