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Research On The Problems And Governance Caused By The Cross-border Movements Of Border Residents From China And Laos

Posted on:2020-11-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330572979912Subject:International politics
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Laos is an important neighboring country on the southwest border of China,the two countries are connected by mountains and rivers,the rivers are of the same origin,and the history is profound.Based on the connected geographical location,similar cultural customs and common national languages,the border people in the border areas of China and Laos are linked by ethnic origin,kinship,geography and industry,where exchanges and interactions have a long history and economic and cultural exchanges are getting closer and closer.In the context of modern nation-state and the development environment of strengthening the opening up along the border,the interaction between the Chinese and the old border people contains the attributes of international exchanges.The more frequent and active the cross-border flow of the Chinese and the old border people,the more complex and diverse the causes and forms of expression are.The floating population and scale show new characteristics.Cross-border between China and Laos From a macro point of view,floating population can be divided into legal transnational floating population and illegal transnational floating population.While the cross-border movement of the border people between China and Laos promotes the economic development of the border areas and the exchanges between the countries,Legitimate transnational migrants with complex demographic composition and mobility and illegal transnational migrants who violate the will of national laws have given rise to a number of explicit or implicit threats to political security,economic security,social security and cultural security,Ecological security,information security and other governance issues and security hidden dangers,national security,national unity,border development,border stability can not be underestimated.Among them,the governance caused by the illegal transnational floating population The reason problem accounts for the vast majority of the proportion,which is the focus of this paper.This paper uses governance theory as a tool,on the basis of the combination of literature research and field research,attempts to multi-dimensional from the international level,the government level,the market level,the social level,the border level.This paper makes a scientific analysis on the governance problems caused by the transnational flow of China and Laos border people,and probes into the scientific and operable countermeasures and path choices for the management of the problems caused by it,in order to build a harmonious and beautiful border.Promoting the modernization of border governance and consolidating the relationship between China and Laos provide slightly beneficial theoretical reference and research support.
Keywords/Search Tags:China-Laos border areas, border people, cross-border mobility, governance
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