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Research On Personal Information Protection Of Internet Finance Intermediary Platform

Posted on:2020-03-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the development of science,network has became an indispensable part of life,meanwhile,the continuous improvement of Internet technology has strengthened the integration between Internet and finance,providing a suitable environment for the development of financial innovation,and promoting the Internet business.Narrowly defined Internet financing(a new type of digital financial communication method which use the Internet platform to achieve personal or corporate lending financing activities)is a very novel and critical form of Internet finance business,compared with traditional offline financing,it is more convenient,more efficient and more diversified in form,which is conducive to finance.It is also a rapidly developing model to encourage the expansion of financing channels.Especially,P2 P network lending and Internet non-public equity financing are representative Internet financing intermediary platforms,which arose wide concern.However,there are technical risk caused by network environment and the trust crisis which is caused by the geographical and time processing mode,and the high requirements for personal information collection of Internet financial.These kind of platforms which involve a wide range of personal information and irregular construction,are more likely lead to excessive and illegal dispose to personal information of financial consumers and increases the risk of violation of the consumer's personal information rights.At the meantime,personal information's attributes of person and property need more attention from all the nation,society and person.Starting from the perspective of promoting the development of the construction of the rule of law,it is inevitable to protect the individual information of the Internet financing intermediary platform,and we should further discuss how to solve the existing problems.The article focuses on the topic of personal information protection on the Internet financing intermediary platform.The article has the following four parts:The first part explains the related basic theories such as Internet financing,the main body of Internet financing activities,Internet financing intermediary platform and personal information,then analyzes the theoretical,specific modes and characteristics involved in related concepts,establish the theoretical foundation of the article.The second part analyzes the particularity of personal information protection of Internet financing intermediary platform from analyzing the characteristics of Internet financing business and Internet financing intermediary platform.Meanwhile,the part combines the results of empirical research to understand the status quo about personal information protection of Internet financing intermediary platform in protection,preservation,sharing,transfer and public disclosure,exploring problems from the status quo,and clarifying the value base of the article.The third part,sorts out the relevant laws,regulations and systems of personal information protection in Internet financing intermediary platform in China,combined with the protection status of personal information of Internet financing intermediary platform in the previous article.Then uses methodology of static,dynamic and evaluation to analyze the current situation about legislative,regulatory,and relief of personal information protection in the Internet financing intermediary platform.Finally determines the focus of this article.The fourth part,combines theory and practice,giving advice on the improvement of the personal information protection of the Internet financing intermediary platform in the aspects of legislation supervision and relief.The article advice the unified legislation combined with the special law to protect the personal information,and establish special personal information protection committee,and diversified remedy litigation approach to verify the value of this article.
Keywords/Search Tags:internet financing intermediary platform, personal information protection, legislation, supervision, relief
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