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Anti-monopoly Regulation Of Predatory Pricing Under Bilateral Market Conditions

Posted on:2020-04-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z Z ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330575452885Subject:Economic Law
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The bilateral market has become an emerging way of industrial organization after new industries and new technological revolution,and a new platform-based economic model has been born.In recent years,platform enterprises have been investigated by anti-monopoly law enforcement agencies due to their unique competitive behaviors,which also poses new problems and challenges to the identification of predatory pricing in traditional anti-monopoly regulation.This paper discusses the regulation of predatory pricing in bilateral market.Since China launched the two-sided market theory,scholars have launched the bilateral market platform firms pricing mechanism,and the platform compatibility of competition strategy research of theory,in this field have also been very mature,but the study of bilateral market anti-monopoly haven't really started yet at present,especially the antitrust regulation of the most fundamental of the relevant market definition,abuse of market power and behavior of predatory pricing have to mainstream parties accept regulation measures.Firstly,this paper analyzes the legal implications of predatory pricing in bilateral markets,the controversies that constitute predatory pricing in bilateral markets,and the behaviors of predatory pricing in bilateral markets.Then the formation mechanism of predatory pricing regulation in bilateral markets is analyzed from the static and dynamic market structure.Then it points out three practical constraints to regulate predatory pricing in bilateral market.By analyzing the real constraints in regulation,the urgency of regulation on predatory pricing in bilateral market is mapped out.First analysis how to improve the bilateral market operators in the predatory pricing dominance,predatory pricing is a kind of expression form of monopoly,and then further improve its standards,finally put forward the bilateral market under the condition of predatory pricing regulation in the anti-monopoly measures,that is,from predatory pricing regulation measures two implementations of the systematic approach to the regulation of the specific measures and measures,and then from the enterprise consumer placement,platform of their own behavior constraints,as well as play the role of social supervision and optimize the regulation measures,provide feasible way for China's anti-monopoly law constantly improve.Although there is anti-monopoly law in China,it is a pity that anti-monopoly law has strong principle and insufficient guidance,so it cannot cater to the development of new economy.How to solve the problem of anti-monopoly in bilateral market has become the research direction of theory and practice.Moreover,the regulation of monopoly behavior in the bilateral market is still in the appeal stage,and there is no reasonable regulation measure,especially there is no uniform regulation standard for this behavior in theory and in practice in various countries.Therefore,through the study of the general regulation of anti-monopoly law,the author will focus on a monopolistic behavior in the bilateral market,so as to put forward feasible measures for the reasonable regulation of predatory pricing.
Keywords/Search Tags:Bilateral markets, Relevant markets, Market dominance, Predatory pricing, regulations
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