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A Study On The Construction Of The United States' Counter-terrorism Policies Since "9·11"

Posted on:2020-12-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330575989099Subject:International relations
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On the basis of domestic and foreign research on anti-terrorism in the Middle East,this paper firstly analyses the impact of American national security concept on the construction of anti-terrorism policy in the country's decision-making level.Secondly,this paper studies the process of social construction and institutional expression of anti-terrorism policy after the consensus of American leadership.Thirdly,this paper discusses the impact of anti-terrorism policy construction on the Middle East region.The first part of the paper tries to analyze the construction of counter-terrorism policies in the United States's decision-making level.The reason being,the national security concept which holds by America's policymakers lasting through the Cold War and absorbs America's military thoughts of different time,it plays a fairly important role in the forming of counter-terrorism policies since 9.11 event.The historic elements will be connected to explain the cause of counter-terrorism campaign in this part of the paper.The second part of the paper focus on the social construction of counter-terrorism policies.It is reasonable to point out any policy will not function well unless it is constructed in the society in a way the most people are willing to accept.This paper tries to prove that discursive and material elements,the institution of governmental structures,and the material practice of society contribute greatly to the socialization of counter-terrorism policies.From the Bush administration to Obama administration,the counter-terrorism policies have become an inseparable part of American culture.The third part of the paper emphasizes the effect of United States' counter-terrorism policies in the Middle East.United States' security commitment of Middle East,its national interest,the balance of power,moral crisis,competition of other great powers,ISIS issue and the conflicts of different political factions in the Middle East will be used as evidence to outline the possibility of United States' readoption of offshore balancing policy.
Keywords/Search Tags:war on terrorism, policy construction, military presence, off-shore balance
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