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Research On The Legal Issues Of General Aviation Safety Supervision In China

Posted on:2018-08-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330590472032Subject:Economic Law
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General aviation as one of the wings of China's civil aviation industry has made greatscpgarparefoonne bgetlnrryeeoa tslsm usb a.epivse Aii ra ttg vtihitnohoeseiei nr o lesidanna c.s dkymS u seaso ttfeftrie ymntm y,ase i,uv smisgt ttuhaasheitte in hioannpirbvgi l oheslme avardf reeety thvt yeehv l esaio uclnuppoceim doenreefsvtn nritsC cuifcoeho iotinuo nfn nsa'dss ye aaostcfti evuothirnmait.te iy iso Bnaine fn heClceiithnyii dgiedsln enlttaag.hs at eIlia o mngsneypd c c nosrtemoervnaamecnl e.y tpa tBhves,iy e a b ctucnioautovr inmiat pglyss aaartroi fiitseonhktegnys@?the legal system of navigation safety supervision with the legal system of navigable safety supervision in developed countries,it is not difficult to find that there is still some need to improve the navigation safety in China,such as supervision subject,supervisory authority and supervision measures.Focus on the future development of China's general aviation,should be based on the basic theory of aviation safety,focusing on safety supervision as the starting point,to build"vertical and horizontal system"regulatory system.Specifically,it is based on the supervision of the competent authorities,with safety classification supervision as the factor,for the purpose of co-ordination supervision,the formation of the competent authorities,industry and organizationsupervision as the main body,the public supervision of the safety supervision system.In order to strengthen the navigation safety supervision of our country,we should follow the basic principles of transparency,coherence and coordination,and construct the safety supervision system from the aspects of approval approval,quality standard,inspection and control,information disclosure,industry self-discipline and emergency response.
Keywords/Search Tags:General aviation, low-altitude Airspace, Supervision system, Aviation law
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