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The Home Health Care Appointment Routing And Scheduling Problem With Various Tasks

Posted on:2020-12-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330590961168Subject:Logistics engineering
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In recent years,the aging of China's population has gradually increased,90% of the elderly in the country choose the way of home-based care in the choice of old-age care,and the huge development potential in the field of home-based care services is gradually emerging.However,the current situation of shortage of medical resources in the home care industry is still not to be underestimated.Taking Shenzhen as an example,the total number of general practitioners in Shenzhen Social Health Center is as high as 1,500.Lack of medical resources and high labor costs make the service needs of the elderly unable to be met,and the satisfaction of the elderly is reduced.On the one hand,the state has strengthened the training of medical personnel,but how to optimize the service efficiency of medical staff in the shortage of medical resources to improve the service efficiency and satisfaction of the home care industry is a key factor for the home care industry.Therefore,this study explores in depth the appointment scheduling and path planning of home-based care workers to meet the needs of the elderly at the highest level of service.Based on the research on home-based pension scheduling and the path planning problem under the time window constraint,this paper considers the current situation of the lack of medical resources in the domestic pension industry and the characteristics of the domestic industry different from the general service industry.Mission urgency studies this issue,and fuzzy time windows can better describe customer needs under different mission urgency.Secondly,according to the characteristics of different clients' different missions,the scheduling and scheduling problems of this paper are divided into two cases: determining service duration and fuzzy service duration.In order to meet the customer's needs with the finite resources,the highest service satisfaction and the shortest moving path of the nursing staff are taken into consideration.Consider the conditions of the service worker's service duration constraint,skill matching constraint and customer fuzzy time window constraint,etc.Under the condition of fuzzy service duration,a care worker reservation scheduling and path planning model is established.The multi-objective genetic algorithm with embedded service time adjustment procedure is proposed to solve the problem in the case of determining the service duration.In the case of fuzzy service duration,the stochastic simulation method is combined with the multi-objective genetic algorithm.Taking a home care and social welfare center as a research case,the paper analyzes its maintenance schedule,and designs a numerical analysis plan to determine the service duration and fuzzy service duration,and analyze the different emergency tasks,different demand scales and different service level factors.And the impact of different subjective preference values on the results of the model.And the conclusion is as follows: the proportion of emergency tasks affects the scheduling effect,and the decision-makers should minimize the proportion of urgent tasks on the day when scheduling tasks;the scale of demand determines the choice of subjective preference values,and the larger subjective preference values at low peaks can make customers Satisfaction is higher;different subjective preference values have different effects on the time cost of the care worker and customer satisfaction under different emergency tasks.
Keywords/Search Tags:Task urgency, Fuzzy time window, home pension, reservation scheduling, genetic algorithm
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