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Research On Non-Police-Affairs Disposal Method

Posted on:2020-06-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X H HouFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330596469065Subject:Public Management
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In recent years,with economic transition and social transition,demands for various interests increasing constantly,social contradictions frequently occur,public security organizations are assailed.110 command center,as sentinel warfare of public security work,non-police –affairs increasing constantly.Non-police-affairs put public security in a dilemma: if public security accept non-police-affairs,police forces will be wasted;if public security refuse to accept non-police-affairs,will destroy the good image of public security,disruption of policecivilian relations.Face the dilemma,how to disposal non-police-affairs will be a difficult problem in front of us.This paper use social governance theory and cooperative governance theory as theoretical basis,discusses the background and significance of topic selection,clarify the research status and review,use Qinhuangdao public security bureau for example,analyzed the feature types of non-police-affairs,analysis the impacts and hazards of non-police-affairs.This paper also analysis the non-police-affairs countermeasures in Beidaihe new area in Qinhuangdao city,Discussing interdepartmental joint governance and change from single government governance to multiple governance.Construction of a new service-oriented government,promotion to the level of social service.From the inside of public security organs,strengthen interaction,construction of social linkage system,legislative construction four different ways to effective disposal of strategic suggestions,so non-police-affairs can be effectively resolved,110 command center can better serve the people...
Keywords/Search Tags:110 command center, non-police-affairs, society-involvement, diversion of police alarm
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