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On The Public Affairs Of Public Security In The Construction Of New Police Relations

Posted on:2017-05-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206330503965094Subject:Public administration
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In recent years, with the rapid development of China’s economy, politics, people’s livelihood and other fields have a significant change. Governance theory has gradually occupied an important position in China’s political system. Governance theory requires that the relationship between government and the citizens should be equal, mutual trust and cooperation, the police department is directly related to the stability of the State Society, which must be in accordance with the requirements of governance theory, to establish the new relationship with citizens that is a kind of equality, mutual cooperation, mutual supervision, mutual promotion.Establishing such a relationship no longer rely on the authority of the police department in the past,but through Publicity of Police Affairs to obtain the trust and recognition of citizens.This paper is from the perspective of building the relationship between the police and the citizen, and analyzes the necessity of deepening the study of Publicity of Police Affairs in China. All the reasons that metioned above is the awareness of the police affairs is not high, the police activities are not standardized, the lack of public authorities, the lack of a unified standard of police affairs, the theory is not mature and so on. At the same time,based on the analysis of the present situation of Publicity of Police Affairs in our country, pointing out that there are the active public information lag, in accordance with the application of open gradually become disguised petition means, Publicity of Police Affairs differences, police secret leakage and excessive publicity in Chinese Publicity of Police Affairs. According to the existent problems and the reasons and depending on the reality of the work of the public department,the writer has made suggestions that improve regulations of Publicity of Police Affairs, strengthen the team of the publicity of police affairs,increase training to enhance public awareness,innovate methods of Publicity of Police Affairs.
Keywords/Search Tags:the relationship between the police and the citizen, Publicity of Police Affairs, Governance theory, professional department of Publicity of Police Affairs
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