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Countermeasures From Chinese Police Education To International Revolutions Of Police Affairs

Posted on:2007-03-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360185959179Subject:Education Management
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International revolutions of police affairs develop with the history of international police affairs and also adapt to demands of social development. It is important for the innovation of police education in theories and practice to reflect four international police affairs as a continuous mechanism and to identify dialectical relationships between police education and police affairs.Based on a review on theories and practice of revolutions of police affairs and of police education through a series of research methods such as documentation, comparing analysis and case study, the paper elaborates some issues existing in international revolutions of police affairs qualitative analysis, description and attribution analysis and then draws some conclusions.In view of developmental history and the state of four revolutions of police affairs and major achievements from researches of police education and international and national practice of police education, the paper starts with existing facts in revolutions of police affairs, through social conditions that revolutions of police affairs occur and develop and inner power and tendency of policemen, police affairs and police duties exposed by itself and author's educational experience in Sichuan Police Institute, through challenges of Chinese police education elaborated from the four dimensions such as time traits of function of government, dialectical development process in privilege subjects, dialectical cognitive process between the key function of police ,and the key duty of police and integrated qualities of police reflected by revolutions of police affairs, into issues and...
Keywords/Search Tags:police education, revolution of police affairs, countermeasures, the key function of police, the key duty of police
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