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Research On The System Of Witness Testifying In Court From The Perspective Of Trial

Posted on:2019-01-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330596963508Subject:Procedural Law
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Since the implementation of comprehensive basic strategy of governing the country according to law in our country,our social life have made significant progress,after the fourth plenary session of the 2018,we begin trial centered lawsuit system reform,in the aspect of witness to testify we know about the existing problems,in order to better adapt to the lawsuit system reform as the core of the trial.But in our country,the witness to appear in court rate is not high,the witness of our country for various reasons do not wish to appear in court to testify or to appear in court to testify,combined with our legal protection of witnesses and compensation does not reach the designated position,we witness after testifying will have considerable trouble back at home,or even the threat of personal safety will be severely,so we seldom choose to testify,evidence to recognize in the judicial organ aspect,considering the efficiency of lawsuit,in practice's written testimony before the court that USES mostly replace the witness to testify,this work method is on trial centered lawsuit system reform of a block.Today,we pay attention to the witness testimony system,we should not only recognize our own shortcomings,but also learn from the advanced foreign systems suitable for China's national conditions to improve our country's witness testimony system.By comparing the view of our country witness to testify system need from some system builds,the witness of habeas corpus,the witness economic compensation and the work of judicial organs and so on several aspects to perfect,at the same time,gives a written testimony with trial testimony,never do the provisions of the "one size fits all" type,all starting from the actual situation of our country,to maximize the effectiveness of the testimony of witnesses to,in order to better cooperate with the lawsuit system reform of trial centered.
Keywords/Search Tags:Witness testifies at trial, the witness protects, the witness's financial compensation, the witness's right to withhold evidence
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