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The Influence Of The Party Secretary On The Political Ecology Of The Party Since The 18th CPC National Congress

Posted on:2019-08-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330596965914Subject:Marxist theory
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The leader of the Chinese communist party have made a lot of attention to the political eco-system,and since the 18 th national congress of the communist party of China(CPC),general secretary xi jinping has made many discussions on the purification of political ecology.As far as the grass-roots level,especially the county(city)level,the establishment of a good party political ecology plays an important role in the construction of political ecology in the county.Party committee secretary of the county(city),is the party's image in the local bear,if the body is not line end,inevitably affects the local political ecology and even endanger the county party politics.If such a situation is widely spread out of control,it is bound to affect the implementation of "four comprehensive",shake up the party's ruling base,and threaten the great cause of the party and the people.Therefore,the political behavior of the "key minority" of county(city)secretary should not be ignored.Based on the theoretical analysis of the party's political ecology and marxist personal and social relations,this paper analyzes the influence of corruption on the political ecology of the party,and seeks to cultivate the party secretary of the excellent county(city),to build a clean party political ecology,and to purify the political ecology of the county.In turn,it follows the thought of theoretical tracing--practice exploration--combining theory with practice,and preliminarily forms a complete research and analysis circuit,which serves as the external macro analysis logic of the text structure.At the same time,in accordance with the theoretical basis of political ecology,which is a comprehensive embodiment of party atmosphere,civil atmosphere,political atmosphere and social atmosphere,this paper takes the key group of county party secretary as the carrier,takes <The code of discipline of the communist party of China> as the guideline.and takes political inspection as the reference,and conducts the analysis of the influence of the party secretary of the corruption county(city)on the political ecology of the party,and thus serves as the internal micro analysis logic of the content of the chapter.Chapter 1 has reviewed the status of the party's political ecology and county clerk.Chapter 2 describes the relevant theoretical basis of this article,which illustrates the connotation,the attributes and the elements of the party's political ecology,and the most important of which is the relationship between the party secretary and party's political ecology in the combination of marxist personal and social relations theory.Chapter 3 deals with data on the basis of data collection,and establishes a model.It is found that the greater the amount of money involved in the corruption county(city)committee,the greater the damage to the local party's political ecology.The greater the destructive power of the other person without the influence of authority or position;The longer the working years in the fall horse place,the greater the damage.Chapter 4 combined with the case study,the author studies the specific performance of the party secretary of the corrupt county(city)party,the concrete manifestation of the political ecological influence of the party,and the root of the party secretary of the corrupt county(city)party.The analysis finds that the destruction of the political ecology in the party is embodied in three aspects: one is that the party's political ecology is weak and lax,the other is the chaos of inner-party political life,and the third is the damage of the power operation restriction mechanism in the party.The corruption of the office of corruption is the essence of the party's political ecology,and it's mainly about the abuse of decision rights and the power of personnel,to establish a personal authority,to establish "the unspoken rule".In view of that root cause of the party secretary of the corrupt county(city)party,the deep-seated analysis is carried out from traditional idea and the configuration and supervision of power.Chapter 5,combined with the found problems and the cause of the problem,standing under the party and political ecology horizon from the build team,preventing corruption and reducing impact three perspective,to construct a complete path of cultivating high-quality county party secretaries,restricting the power of county party secretaries and promoting the thinking of the rule of law,strict party discipline,and building a good county political ecology.
Keywords/Search Tags:The secretaries of the corrupt county (city) committee, The political ecology in the party, The inspection and the restriction of power, The empirical analysis
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