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Research On Drug Control Intelligence Work Based On The Supervision And Related Investigation Of Precursor Chemicals

Posted on:2020-02-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330596968870Subject:Public security
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Precursor chemicals supervision and related investigation are important but difficult at all the time,because of its characteristic is both “legality” and “illegality”.At present,the efficiency of precursor chemicals supervision is leaving much to be desire,just striking crimes related to drug manufacturing is insufficient to control the precursor chemicals losing which result in low efficiency of supervision and management.Based on these,the research of how to more efficient supervise Precursor chemicals and deal with the fast changing precursor chemicals crimes are becoming hot in both theory field and practice field.Current studies suggest that intelligence information is the common interventions in Precursor chemicals supervision and related investigation.Intelligence information have properties,such as discovering substitutions in time,predicting crime trends,promoting the efficiency of supervision,as well as optimizing related laws and regulations.Therefore,intelligence information plays a key role in above area.What's more,through the intelligence analysis can propose more efficient method of supervision,not merely licensing system,recording keeping system,and the sales leger-keeping system which are already in force.We can further combine these systems by the order of Precursor chemicals circulation to restore the circulation process in the market,so make it more possible in Precursor chemicals tracing,further analysis the supervision loopholes based on these.However,in order to improve the effectiveness of intelligence work and to take full advantages of intelligence information,there are still many problems to be solved.Such as,the efficiency of intelligence work is difficult to improve due to the shortcomings of the intelligence cycle;the lack of intelligence awareness,and the backward and passive supervision have leaved the supervision department alone to deal with most of the cases.Meanwhile,the inadequate intelligence capability makes it impossible to trace all of the Precursor chemicals and find supervision loopholes by restoring the circulation process,not to mention detecting more lawbreaking and crime.It is necessary to construct a new intelligence information model which keeps the integrality of system,promotes the awareness of intelligence,transfers the thinking of supervision,to improve the intelligence capability.Based on the common properties of supervision in food,medicine and Precursor chemicals,this paper proposes a conception that utilizing the block chain technology which used to be applied in the supervision of the food and medicine,to construct a precursor chemicals circulation intelligence search finder that possesses traceability.Furthermore,combined with the risk early-warning system of precursor chemicals,this search finder system will form an intelligence model to analyze,discover the loss of precursor chemicals and the loopholes of supervision,using the technology improves intelligence capabilities.The essence of the intelligence model is indirect regulating the behavior of the enterprise through regulation of the information input.If there is a suspected illegal behavior such as information entry timeout or information entry that does not match the actual situation,it will be clearly displayed and alarmed in the system.
Keywords/Search Tags:Precursor chemicals, Drug control intelligence work, Early-warning mechanism, Traceability, Blockchain
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