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The Study Of China's Cyber Diplomacy

Posted on:2021-04-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y F HanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330602465600Subject:International politics
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With the development of the information age,human society has entered the era of the Internet.Countries have fully realized the importance of the Internet to all aspects of their development.A series of activities adhered to the network information technology have been carried out to maintain and develop their own interests,which become more and more competitive.Internet information technology profoundly affects and changes the lifestyle of people,and subverts the previous interaction mode among people,countries and nations.The Internet has penetrated into all aspects of society,not only changing the way of social production and operation and maintenance,but also affecting the patterns of thinking and behavior of people.As a new form of diplomacy that couples information technology with traditional diplomacy,cyber diplomacy is becoming increasingly important.The practice of cyber diplomacy in various countries has also been greatly risen.Countries around the world have considered the development of Internet technology as a national strategy.The awareness of competing for the Internet resources is constantly increasing,and competition in information technology is becoming increasingly fierce.At present,the Internet has gradually become a new stage for international exchanges among countries.Cyber diplomacy is increasingly favored by all countries and has become a vital factor for future development.China's cyber diplomacy from four aspects are discussed in this article.The first chapter is the elaboration of the basic theory of cyber diplomacy,which mainly analyzes the connotation and basic characteristics of cyber diplomacy.Cyber diplomacy is the product of diplomacy under the influence of the Internet.It is the behavior that takes the state as the main body to handle state relations and participate in international affairs in order to maintain and develop its own interests on the Internet.Cyber diplomacy is a continuation of diplomacy in cyberspace and a new change in diplomacy influenced by new technologies.The Internet has innovated theform of diplomacy,strengthened information interaction,increased the role of diplomatic participation,and intensified competition for the right to information.The second chapter analyzes the practice of China's cyber diplomacy and summarizes the characteristics of China's cyber diplomacy.With the development of China's Internet,China's cyber diplomacy has gone through more than two decades.It has become a necessary part supporting China's overall diplomatic strategy,based on its increasingly using practice and social influence.For a long time,China's cyber diplomacy has vigorously promoted international cooperation to create a positive Internet environment,positively expanded channels to enhance communication,and spoke widely to safeguard China's legitimate rights and interests.At the same time,it has become a unique symbol of China's cyber diplomacy to abide by the ethics of the Internet,maintain the security of the Internet,adhere to the concept of open cooperation,and convey the spirit of peace.It also demonstrated the diplomacy of the great powers with Chinese characteristics and added distinctive Chinese elements to world cyber diplomacy stage.The third chapter analyzes the current problems of China's cyber diplomacy.The gap between the overall level of Internet technology and the world network power is too big.Cyber diplomacy professional departments and cyber strategy system need to be completed.The integration of official and private parties in cyber diplomacy is inadequate.The construction of cyber diplomatic talents lags behind.All of them have become obstacles to China's cyber diplomacy capacity building,which impede the comprehensive development of China's cyber diplomatic capabilities.The fourth chapter discusses the way to strengthen China's cyber diplomacy.The building of national cyber capabilities needs to be strengthened and cyber diplomatic initiative should be enhanced in China.A good cyber order and a favorable environment for China's cyber diplomacy need to be built.A multi-level cyber diplomacy system needs to be established to enhance China's cyber diplomaticcomprehensive capabilities.The construction of cyber diplomatic talents needs to be strengthened so that the reserve power for cyber power can be established.The core role of the United Nations in cyberspace should be maintained and a cyber diplomacy platform centered on the United Nations will be set up.The multi-pronged approach in the new era to comprehensively improve China's cyber diplomatic capabilities is an inevitable requirement for the modernization of China's diplomatic capabilities.And it is also a necessary guarantee for the information society to safeguard China's national interests.
Keywords/Search Tags:Cyber diplomacy, Public diplomacy, The diplomacy of great powers with Chinese characteristics, Cloud diplomacy
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