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Research On The Construction Of Regulations Within The CPC Since The 18th CPC National Congress

Posted on:2021-04-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330602482143Subject:Marxist theory
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Comrade Xi Jinping pointed out that "strengthening the construction of laws and regulations within the Party is a long-term and fundamental strategy for comprehensively governing the Party with strict discipline".The CPC central committee with comrade Xi Jinping at its core has put forward the requirements of comprehensively and strictly administering the Party and governing the Party in accordance with the regulations and has promoted the construction of inner-party laws and regulations in all directions in our country.The construction of laws and regulations within the Party of China has gone through many stages of development,laying a solid theoretical and practical foundation.Our country has carried out a large number of radical legislations,reform and abolition of the laws and regulations within the Party and made remarkable achievements.This paper starts from the three angles of the important revision,the important new issue and the important innovation of the idea of inner-party law construction,and through the analysis of the key inner-party laws and regulations,deeply understands the achievements of inner-party law and regulations construction.As a material carrier,the texts of internal Party regulations contain the practical experience and wisdom of governing the Party,reflect the practical concerns of governing the Party,and respond to the practical needs of governing the Party.According to the "1+4" framework proposed in the opinions of the CPC central committee on strengthening the construction of intra-party laws and regulations,the construction of intra-party laws and regulations in China is guided by the Party constitution and carried out in the four sections of organization rules and regulations,leadership rules and regulations,self-construction rules and supervision and guarantee rules.In terms of the Party constitution,its inherent popularity and the organizational principle of democratic centralism are the consistent adherence to the Party constitution.In terms of organizing the construction of laws and regulations,the laws and regulations make more strict and detailed requirements for clarifying the responsibilities of subjects,establishing norms and clarifying relationships.In terms of leading the construction of laws and regulations,we not only focus on the Party's"leading everything" and "coordinating all parties" to formulate specific regulations,but also pay attention to "driving a bull's eye" in the process of implementing the Party's leadership,so as to consolidate the responsibilities of leaders and highlight the accountability mechanism.And in the leadership legislation to strengthen the correct guidance,enhance the effectiveness of leadership.Compared with other three plates,the number of self-construction laws and regulations of the Party has increased the most,and the numerous practical achievements of the Party's political construction,ideological construction,organizational construction,style building and discipline construction since the 18th National Congress have been solidified through the laws and regulations.The number and strength of the Party's self-construction laws and regulations show the Party's courage to scrape the poison off the bone.In terms of the Party's supervision and guarantee laws and regulations,the text of the laws and regulations emphasizes the establishment of supervision mechanism and the role of assessment,rewards and punishments,and focuses on strengthening the guarantee of all parties for the operation of the Party's organs and the construction of laws and regulations.Through the historical investigation,achievement grasping and text analysis of the inner-party laws and regulations construction,this paper tries to make a reflection on the improvement of inner-party law construction in the new era.Since the 18th CPC national congress,the construction of laws and regulations within the Party has been developing rapidly,and the "seven beams and eight pillars" have been basically completed.To further improve the construction of inner-party laws and regulations,we should focus on overall planning to improve the system of inner-party laws and regulations;focus on convergence and coordination to enhance the overall function of the inner-party regulations;scientifically establishing rules and regulations to improve the quality of supply of inner-party laws and regulations;observing consciously and implementing compulsively to ensure the execution of inner-party laws and regulations.
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