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Research On The Construction Of Party Laws And Regulations With Perspective Of Laws

Posted on:2017-05-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330485959062Subject:Legal theory
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From the perspective of economic legal system construction,is the foundation of building a harmonious society in china. And the construction of our party, it cannot do without the guarantee of legal system. The regulations of the party is in such a great environment to gradually perfecting. It is the foundation of the ruling party,but also a powerful guarantee the purity of our party. The regulations of the party is our party for all the institutions within the organization,the activities carried out, is the general term for various party system. Designated by the government,at all levels of the party organization,the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision organization, and military departments, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government,a general term for all system to standardize the organizations at all levels and departments,Party members and individual behavior. For this stage of the work of Party building,the construction of the inner laws is the priority among priorities, and more and more attention from the academic circles. It is not only related to the purity and the advanced nature of the party, but also reflects our strong party ruling ability.To perfect the regulations of the party,is not only our Party style construction organization and construction requirements,but also the requirement of our party ideological construction and anti-corruption construction. And has practical significance to the legislation, law enforcement, law-abiding and party order established, but also more conducive to the implementation of the security law. So do some researches on this issue is necessary,on the hand,it’s beneficial to strengthen the legitimacy of the party regulations, on the other hand, it’s conducive to the healthy development of the party regulations.The thesis was divided to five parts.The first part is introduction,putting forward the construction of party law and regulation is the only way to strengthen the party’s construction and the reform and improvement of the party’s leadership. Then,we summarize the research status of the construction of party laws and regulations.The second part is on the regulations of the party history carding,first on the background of the construction of the inner laws and actual meaning to be introduced,to be drawn further on the system construction and the construction of the national government is closely related to the be clear,emphasizing the construction of the inner laws is a top priority of strengthening the party’s construction.The third part states the relationship between the inner party regulations and laws,that is,party regulations and laws complement each other,the relationship of them is a dialectical unity, they work together to build a prosperous,democratic and harmonious socialist modernization country.Then the paper points out the problems in the process of construction of party rules and regulations and in the fifth part we put forward some suggestions to solve these problems.
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