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Historical Investigation And Enlightenment Of The Party's Understanding Of The Major Social Contradictions Since The Founding Of The People's Republic Of China

Posted on:2021-05-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Recognizing and accurately grasping the major social contradictions in a timely manner is a historical issue that Chinese Communist Party must face in leading the revolution,construction and reform of our country,and it is also the main basis for the Party to determine its work focus and central tasks.Seizing the main social contradictions means grasping the key to solving problems.Whether the Party has a correct understanding of the principle social contradictions has something with the overall development of the Party and the state,and to the implementation of the Party's major policies.The change of major social contradictions is a natural historical process.During different historical periods,the main social contradictions are diverse.Correspondingly,the Party's understanding of the major social contradictions will also change.Since the founding of the People's Republic of China,the Party has made arduous explorations of major social contradictions under the guidance of Marxism.At the initial stage of the founding of the People's Republic of China,the Party's understanding of the main social contradictions conformed to the basic national conditions.During the period of national economic recovery,the Party identified the main social contradictions as the coexistence of domestic and foreign contradictions: the contradiction between China and imperialism abroad,and the contradiction between Chinese people and feudalism and the remnants of Kuomintang feudalism at home.During the period of socialist transformation,the Party judged that the “two classes and two roads” was the main social contradictions,in other words,which included two contradictions,the contradiction between the bourgeoisie and the working class,and the contradiction between socialism and capitalism.During this whole period,the Party led the people to basically complete the national economic recovery work and successfully realized the transition to socialism.During the socialist exploration period,the Party's understanding of the main social contradictions was both correct and wrong.In the early period of socialist exploration,correct understanding and erroneous understanding were intertwined: the Party at the eighth national congress of the Communist Party of Chi na made a fundamental summary of the major social contradiction,and framed it in the category of “productive forces and relations of production”;after that,the Party continued to adhere to the correct contradictory understanding of the Party's eighteenth national congress.At the same time,there were radical ideological tendencies.During the "cultural revolution" period,the Party's understanding of the main social contradictions was completely divorced from reality: the Party misjudged that class struggle was the main social contradiction,hence national work revolved around class struggle.During the two-year wandering period,the Party continued to persist in radical contradictory thinking while setting things right,which caused that the Party did not fundamentally putting things right.The Party's understanding of the main social contradictions since the reform and opening up has changed.At the Third Plenary Session of the 11 th Central Committee,the Party broke away from ideological shackles and restored its correct understanding of the major social contradictions.At the Sixth Plenary Session of the 11 th Central Committee,the Party further condensed and summarized the major social contradictions and framed them in terms of “production and demand”.From the 12 th to 18 th national congresses,the Party continued to insist this correct understanding of contradictions and gradually improved and developed this expression.With the deepening of the Party's understanding of the laws of major social contradictions,the socialist modernization construction ushered in a new period of development.Based on the changes of the times,the Party realizes the transformation of the main social contradictions and makes a completely new summary of seeking truth from facts when it is in the new era.The historical achievements of socialist modernization since the reform and opening up are the realistic basis for the Party to judge the changes in major social contradictions,and the theoretical development of the Party is the theoretical basis.According to this,the Party makes a scientific judgment that the contradiction between “the need for a better life” and “unbalanced and inadequate development” has become the latest form of major social contradictions.At the same time,the Party has clearly realized that China is in the primary stage of socialism and China is still a developing country in the world remains unchanged.The more than 70-year history of understanding shows that when the Party's understanding of Chinese society's principal contradiction is accurate,China's socialist construction and reform will move forward.Otherwise,there will be twists and turns,even stagnation and retrogression in China's socialist construction and reform.Combing the evolution process of the party's understanding of Chinese society's major contradiction since the founding of new China,the following enlightenment has been drawn: firstly,the Party must be premised on a clear understanding of the basic national conditions when understanding social principal contradiction;secondly,the Party must take Marxism as its guide in understanding the main social contradictions;thirdly,the Party must take the development of productive forces as the fundamental way to solve the major social contradictions;furthermore,the Party must establish a correct view of history and view objectively the gains and losses of history of the Party's understanding the main social contradiction;fifthly,the Party must keep pace with the times to have insight into the development trend of major social contradiction.
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