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Study On Optimizing The Operating Mechanism Of Police Affairs Of County A Public Security Organs

Posted on:2020-09-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L YanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330620457383Subject:Public Administration
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At present,the police operation mechanism of the county-level public security system in China is mainly based on "block-based,block-integrated".In the actual operation process,this mode often causes the operation mechanism to stay at the "bar,block" level of the business,and lacks the cooperation of the business,thus affecting the operation of the police operation mechanism.Taking the policing operation mechanism of A county public security system as an example,the policing operation mechanism gradually presents the situation of unsmooth decision-making mechanism,inadequate execution of execution mechanism,imperfect supervision mechanism and relatively backward safeguard mechanism.Therefore,through the study of the policing operation mechanism of A county's public security system,this paper can be conducive to optimizing the policing resources of A county,improving the efficiency of policing operation,and effectively promoting the well-being of the masses and the sense of acquisition.In the course of the research,firstly,this paper analyses the research background of the policing operation mechanism,expounds the main significance of this study,and combs and summarizes the domestic and foreign literature on the policing operation mechanism,so as to form the thinking of this paper.Secondly,the paper defines the core concepts of county-level public security organs and policing operation mechanism,and elaborates the theoretical basis of this study,including administrative organization management theory,public security management theory,state governance capacity theory,etc.Thirdly,the integration of the reform of police operation mechanism of county A is analyzed.Firstly,the change of police operation mode of county A is analyzed,and the main achievements in the reform are introduced.Fourthly,this paper combines case analysis and interview investigation to analyze and discuss the problems existing in the policing operation mechanism of county A public security organs,which can be summarized as: the policing decision-making mechanism is not smooth,the policing execution mechanism is not in place,the policing supervision mechanism is not perfect,and the policing guarantee mechanism is relatively backward.Four aspects.The main reasons are analyzed.Finally,in light of the three basic theories and the existing problems,this paper puts forward corresponding countermeasures and suggestions from four aspects: perfecting the policing decision-making mechanism,perfecting the policing execution system,perfecting the policing supervision mechanism,and building a strong-based security system,so as to realize the optimization of policing operation mechanism of A county-level public security organs.Breakthroughs in the way of transformation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Public Security Organs, Police Operating Mechanism, County Level
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