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Research On Information Disclosure System Of Reward-based Crowdfunding Platform

Posted on:2020-01-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As the network becomes more and more open on a global scale,the new Internet finance with this express train is developing rapidly.Among them,rewarded crowdfunding is a model with a long history of development and a close relationship with the general public.In its vigorous development,the legal system guarantees fail to keep pace.The crowdfunding project has delayed delivery,wrong goods,etc.Among them,the fact that investors are in a weak position of information is an important reason.The information disclosure obligation of the crowdfunding platform plays a key role.However,due to the lack of legal norms specific to this obligation,many investors can only recognize the unlucky ones.Information disclosure is a requirement to ensure the fairness and transparency of the financial market.As an intermediate role connecting the crowdfunding projects,the crowdfunding platform is an important part of the main body.Therefore,this paper takes the information disclosure system of the reward-based crowdfunding platform as the research object.By reviewing and collecting the current legal regulations and judicial status of the information disclosure system of the reward-based crowdfunding platform,it is found that the system is still in a blank state for the system.In the judicial practice,the information disclosure obligation of the rewarded crowdfunding platform is regulated by the legal norms of the network trading platform liability.Therefore,the crowdfunding platform does not need to disclose the relationship with the promoters and to undertake the propaganda information.Problems have made it difficult for investors to safeguard their rights.After analysis,the main problems are mainly due to the vagueness of the legal status of the crowdfunding model,the vague content of information disclosure and standards,and the lack of information disclosure mechanism.Finally,this paper puts forward some suggestions for perfecting the information disclosure system of reward-based crowdfunding platform:one is to clearly define the information disclosure responsibility of the platform;the other is to clarify the content of information disclosure and clarify the disclosure obligations of the promoters and the platform's own specific information;It is a standard for refining information disclosure,and formulating accurate,useful,and operational disclosure standards.
Keywords/Search Tags:The rewarding public platform, Information disclosure, Full disclosure
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