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Study On The Internal Guarantee Conditions And Improvement Strategies Of Teaching Quality In Zhuzhou School For Kindergarten Teachers

Posted on:2019-04-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2417330545977097Subject:Education management
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The secondary occupation education is the foundation of modern occupation education.To accelerate the modern occupation education,we must consolidate and improve the secondary occupation education.Because the quality of teaching is the key of secondary occupation education,the evaluation of the quality is a premise to improve the secondary occupation education.Therefore,the evaluation has drawn a lot of attention from our society.In 2015,the general office of the Ministry of Education promulgated the "notice" of developing methods about teaching occupation colleges.This promulgation marks a new level of improving the quality of the secondary occupation schools.Zhuzhou school for kindergarten teachers is influential in the education sector of Zhuzhou.This school actively responded to relevant policies,and effectively carried out the "self diagnosis" of teaching.The school wants to have a clear view of the present internal quality assurance system of teaching so that it can improve the system in the long run.This research investigated the self diagnosis of Zhuzhou school for kindergarten teachers.The advantages of this school are that the aim of this school is well based on the reality,the quality of teaching is high,the infrastructure meets the requirements of teaching,the students get decent education.According to a questionnaire,the disadvantages of this school are that the support of teaching is poor,the school is not attractive to neither teachers or students,and there are too many useless activities.In order to improve the school,we suggest that the school should improve the existing material conditions,actively accelerate "into the city" construction,focus on teaching effectiveness,regularize classroom management,educate teachers,enhance the students' overall quality by effectively organizing campus activities,and establish the employment information feedback mechanism.
Keywords/Search Tags:secondary occupation education, teaching quality, internal security conditions
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