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The Research On The Evaluation Of The Model Of Flipped Classroom Teaching In The Course Of Information Technology In Primary Schools

Posted on:2019-11-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C X LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2417330545990531Subject:The modern education technology
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With the rapid development of Internet technology and the continuous promotion of education information,flipped classroom becomes one of the important research contents of the integration of information technology and depth of education at the stage of basic education.In theory,flipped class embodies the idea of blended learning,increases interaction between teachers and students,promotes the individualized development of students,to cultivate students' problems solving and creative thinking,high level reasoning and evaluation of thinking ability.In practice,through the construction of the flipping classroom teaching model,to guide implementation of teaching activities.However,in the existing flipping classroom teaching mode,students are short of supervise before class,especially primary school students' role of the subject cannot be played out,so they can't reach deep learning.Teaching evaluation mechanism is not perfect,most of the studies are based on summary evaluation,the changes in the level of the students' thinking structure are ignored.This study consults the literature of ‘the origin of the flipping classroom',‘the application of flipped classroom in Teaching',‘the research status of the flipping classroom model',puts forward ‘the advantage of flipping classroom',under the guidance of Mastering learning,blended Learning and SOLO,combines the experience advantage of the existing flipped classroom teaching model,starts from the teaching of the course of information technology in primary school,constructs the model of primary school information technology flipping classroom teaching,puts forward the importance of pre class learning scaffolding and teaching evaluation.Through three rounds of action research,verifies the feasibility of the model in Teaching,modifies and improves the model;before and after the action research,with questionnaire survey,discusses the influence of the model on the cultivation of self-learning ability and the promotion of deep learning;in the course of action research,uses SOLO to divide the learning result levels of ‘answer questions',‘help others' and ‘final work',comprehends the effect of deep learning.Through the conclusion of the experiment,in pre class study,teacher builds and removes the scaffolding duly,the students' self-learning ability has been greatly improved;uses SOLO to observe the change of students' thinking structure level,the student-centered flipping class can improve the students' understanding,promotes more effective meaning construction,to achieve the purpose of deep learning;repeated revision and improvement after three rounds ofaction research,a feasible and effective model of primary school information technology flipping classroom teaching is constructed.
Keywords/Search Tags:Flipped classroom, Deep learning, Self-learning ability, the SOLO taxonomy
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