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Research On Issues And Countermeasures Of Adolescents Drug Prevention Education In Liaoning Province

Posted on:2019-06-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In recent years,source of drugs has been increasingly complicated,and the channels as well as elusory of drugs harmed adolescent have also increased,all of which have presented a serious challenge to the job of drug-prevention education for youngsters in Liaoning province.At present,research outputs in our country concerning drug-prevention education are less,and mainly concentrate on the drug-prevention introduction for teenagers across primary and middle schools.Research results of drug-prevention education developed from the comprehensive vision of public management and participation by multiple subjects were lacked.So the article tries to explore the comprehensive management,department coordination and social public-governance of drug control,attempted to take multi-policies to launch drug-prevention education,which possessed both important theoretical significance and practice value.The paper has four chapters,and the first part introduction conations background research,research significance,research status both in domestic and foreign,keywords definition,research methods,technical routes etc.The second chapter analyzes the working situation of drug-prevention education for juvenile in Liaoning province.Investigation of working effect of teenagers' drug-prevention education was conducted in Shenyang,Dalian,etc.and the investigation result showed that the efficiency of drug-prevention education should be further strengthened,the design and implement of drug-prevention education practice exist some disadvantages,and the coordination of various departments as well as society participation still remain lackluster.According to the survey result,the third chapter revealed that main problems existed in the process of teenagers' drug-prevention education in Liaoning province were ambiguous duties and lacking of coordination,poor effect of drug-prevention education,shortage of teaching facilities,and non-normalization of preventive education.According to the analysis of these problems,this research argue that imperfect working system of teenagers' drug-prevention education,outmoded working methods,insufficient faculty training for drug-prevention education and absence of assessment mechanism of preventive education are the cause of them.In order to solve the limitation and deficiency,the research put forward a drug-prevention education system for adolescent by party,public security,school,society and family such “five make for one” system,proposed a working model on the basis of core elements of “propaganda,education and assist”,raised an education mode of innovate and integrate “drug-prevention education course,public benefit activities,interactive experience studying,drug-prevention quiz plus certificate authentication”,and raised to “Internet plus” drug prevention education reform establishing the long-term working mechanisms as well as strategies of drug-prevention education.
Keywords/Search Tags:Drug control, adolescents, drug prevention education
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