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Empirical Study On The Cause Of Initial Drug Consumption By A Minor

Posted on:2019-01-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As the drug problem becomes more and more serious,the minors have become the victims of drugs and get the attention of many scholars.Scholars mainly from social control,social learning theory,social constructivism,subculture and other theories on the problem of drug abuse of minors,mainly from the way of fruit and push,lack of analysis of the subject world,and seldom present such factors from a dynamic perspective.In this paper,qualitative research and quantitative research methods are used to study the role of minors in the first mouthful of drug abuse and the role of minors in the first use of the drug,focusing on the interaction between minors and the external environment under the construction of the individual environment.This paper is mainly composed of research background,existing literature,research methods and research framework.The body of the article consists of three parts.The first part is composed of the first chapter,mainly for minors to use drugs for the first time the population characteristics and characteristics of individual first drug use were analyzed,and the characteristics of minors' first smoking scenes to generalize and summarize.The second part consists of chapters two and three.The second chapter explains the individual reasons for the initial drug use of minors,and analyzes the individual's feeling needs,social demands and physical and mental needs.Chapter three analyzes the interaction between family,school,society and minors,and discusses the role and problems of these three social units in the development of minors.The last chapter is the discussion and conclusion,mainly to the family,the school,the society three aspects of the deep problems to think.The study found that minors first drug use direct reason is that the individual setback in life,personal feelings get catharsis and bad peer words instigated and behavior model of drug use behavior.The primary reason for the initial drug use of minors is the failure of the family education,the parents to resocialize their children to school.If the school is not effective in the management of the transgressions,the minors will be pushed out of the society prematurely.However,due to the restrictionson minors in all aspects,there is no sense of belonging in the society.In the end,under the temptations of bad friends,minors are unconsciously going down the road of drug abuse.Minors in yunnan province for the first time to use drugs with typical compliance and mass characteristics,its final on the path of drug use is also dissatis fied with the individual under environment restriction and challenges.
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