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Research On Employment Effect Of Gross-Border E-Commerce Development In China

Posted on:2020-01-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2417330572983413Subject:International business
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In recent years,cross-border e-commerce has developed rapidly in China.At the same time,China still faces the problem of unemployment.As an emerging sunrise industry,cross-border e-commerce have shown the labor economic effects.Therefore,exploring the impact of the cross-border e-commerce on employment in China through empirical analysis and putting forward relevant suggestions accordingly is significant to guarantee the employment rate and the stability of employment rate in China at the same time.This paper starts with a review of related literatures at home and abroad,and summarizes the theoretical mechanism of cross-border e-commerce and its employment effect.Based on the theoretical analysis,the cross-border e-commerce development level index system was constructed,and the principal component factor analysis method was used to calculate the cross-border e-commerce development level index of 31 provinces in China during 2012-2016.On this basis,the empirical analysis is carried out with the provincial panel data.The empirical results show that the advancement of cross-border e-commerce in China has negatively affected the expansion of the national employment scale,and also reduced the total employment of the tertiary industry.The development of cross-border e-commerce has no significant impact on the upgrading of employment structure among industries,but it has significantly improved the proportion of employment in the information service industry in the overall employment.It shows that the development of cross-bor-der e-commerce has improved the demand of high-quality and high-tech laborers represented by the information service industry,and promoted the transfer of employee to knowledge-intensive departments in China.Therefore,this paper puts forward some suggestions for promoting the coordinated development of cross-border e-commerce and employment in China:Build and improve cross-border e-commerce industrial clusters,and make good use of the role of industrial clusters in employment and entrepreneurship;Support the development of cross-border e-commerce platforms and encourage people to start business with cross-border e-commerce.Strengthen the cultivation of talents in cross-border e-commerce and information industry.
Keywords/Search Tags:Cross-border e-commerce, Employment effect, Employment scale, Employment structure
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