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The Influence Of Historical Nihilism On Contemporary College Students And Its Eliminatio

Posted on:2020-12-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z N GuoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2417330575488459Subject:Ideological and political education
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In the era of network,historical nihilism has demonstrated a new way of expression through information means,distorting historical facts and disturbing consensus.With the Internet,historical nihilism has continued to spread in universities and has shaken national confidence and national identity.This paper analyzes the means of dissemination of historical nihilism in colleges and universities and the obscuration of historical facts through case analysis and questionnaire survey.Among them,the historical nihilistic means of communication is mainly infiltration.It builds a communication network through the network.The propagandists of historical nihilism infiltrated into colleges and universities and even became college teachers.At the same time,these historical nihilists connect through the network and construct a hidden group to act together.Make historical nihilism have a bad influence on college students.The more obvious effect is that historical nihilism has obscured the attention of college students to history by making information flooding and entertainment as an inducement.At the same time,historical nihilism affects students on microscopic issues,obscuring college students' understanding of the specific issues of historical materialism,and reducing college students' vigilance against historical nihilism.In view of this phenomenon,this paper gives the countermeasures to eliminate the influence of historical nihilism on college students' thinking from the perspectives of students,colleges and the media.For college students,this paper suggests to clarify the status of mainstream ideology.The specific methods are: 1.Strengthen the status of historical materialism,promote red culture learning;2.Cultivate the overall discernment of wrong thinking;3.Deepen core values education.For colleges and universities,this paper believes that it is necessary to strengthen the education of historical viewpoints in colleges and universities.Specifically,it is necessary to strengthen the ideological construction of college teachers and enrich the practical content of the curriculum.For the media,this paper believes that it is necessary to deepen the management of media,and specifically to establish a platform for educational materialism and to study the network communication means of historical nihilism.
Keywords/Search Tags:historical nihilism, shadowing effect, penetration, propagation
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