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Research On The Factors That Influence Learning Performance In Blended Learning From The Perspectives Of Interpersonal Interaction

Posted on:2020-01-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2417330578974631Subject:Education Technology
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Interaction is an important way for learners to internalize knowledge in the learning process.It can predict the level of learning performance to a certain extent,and also reflect the proactive personality of students.For example,learners with a high degree of interaction have higher subjective initiative,stronger self-learning abilities,lower dropout rates,and higher learning satisfaction.Therefore,the antecedents and outcomes of learning interaction have attracted the attention of many researchers.The discussion on this issue has important practical significance for effectively improving learners' learning performance.At present,the blended learning model is widely used in colleges and universities,and the research on its learning performance in the higher education field is gradually unfolding.In the blended learning mode,learning interaction behavior is more flexible and convenient,and the seamless connection between online interaction and face-to-face interaction also makes the interaction more frequent and complicated.Learners need to complete online and face-to-face content learning and communication when doing blended learning,so that online learning platforms and classrooms will accumulate a large amount of discourse data,which will form a complex social network structure between teachers and students.Most of the existing research explore the effect of learmers'interaction performance on learming performance.From the perspective of personality traits and social network structure,the effect of interaction behavior on learning performance is less.Therefore,this study intends to explore the impact of interaction behavior in the blended learning environment on learner learning performance,based on relevant theories and empirical research,to build an intermediary model:interaction(including online and face-to-face)in the learner's initiative personality and learning performance The intermediate role between them.Through the methods of hypothesis reasoning,social network analysis and questionnaire survey,this paper analysis the relationship among interpersonal interaction,proactive personality and learning performance in blended-leaming process based on Structural Equation Model.The results shows that:(1)proactive personality can positively predict the online and face-to-face interaction;At the same time,the online interaction can positively predict face-to-face interaction;(2)Face-to-face interaction can positively predict blended learning performance,while online interaction has no predictive effect on blended-learning performance;Face-to-face interaction plays a complete mediating role between the proactive personality and blended-learning performance;There is a Chain mediate effect between proactive personality,online interaction,face-to-face interaction and blended-learning performance.The results reveal that in the blended-leaning environment,students with high proactive personality are more inclined to interact with others online and offline,and their learning performance is significantly higher than others who with low proactive personality;Online interaction can effectively promote students face-to-face interaction.The study on the students' interactive behavior and their personality can help teachers have a deep comprehension of students' psychological and behavioral mechanisms,thus teaching students in accordance with their aptitude.
Keywords/Search Tags:proactive personality, online interaction, face-to-face interaction, social network analysis, structural equation model, blended learning, performance evaluation
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