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Study On The Impact Of Population Aging And Savings Rate On Economic Growth

Posted on:2020-04-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The increasingly serious problem of population aging in our country not only directly affects our economy through effective labor human capital,but also affects the savings of our working population through tremendous maintenance pressure,thus indirectly affecting the economic development of our country.Based on the traditional Solow model,this paper innovatively introduces the changing factors of population aging and national savings rate in China,and studies the impact of the proportion of the elderly population and national savings rate on economic development by using error-corrected multiple linear regression model,VAR model and other statistical measurement methods.Firstly,an extended Solow model is constructed under the assumption that the labor contribution rate is the same in the effective labor age stage,and the dynamic equation and its equilibrium solution are obtained.The impact of population aging and savings rate on economic growth is further analyzed.Secondly,we use multivariate statistics to analyze the problem of population aging in China,and use the utility function model with constant relative risk aversion coefficient to estimate the national savings rate.It is found that the increase of the proportion of the elderly population in China will inhibit China's economic development,and the increase of the proportion of the elderly population will indirectly affect China's economic growth by inhibiting the promotion of the national savings rate.
Keywords/Search Tags:Solow model, Ageing of population, national savings rate, VAR model
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