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Research On The Entrepreneurship Program Of FUZHOU CA Lacquer Free Furniture Co.,Ltd.

Posted on:2018-07-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M J LinFull Text:PDF
GTID:2429330542976873Subject:Entrepreneurship Management
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I have entered the building materials and furniture industry since 2006,in the building materials and furniture industry have been working for more than 10 years,and by an ordinary salesman,head of growth for the enterprise.Found in the sales practice for many years,China's furniture industry development and contradictions exist side by side,there are three main aspects:traditional furniture trade mode has been unable to meet the demand of the market;Traditional furniture brand is not prominent,product innovation is insufficient,can't meet the needs of consumers;The furniture trade business model of the single market,the basic entity shop stores,exhibition and 020 mode,the combination of it has been unable to meet the needs of the furniture industry rapid development.Existing industry lack of literature on the research of the furniture industry business model,can't solve real three major contradictions.To this end,I all through the MBA during the learned knowledge management of Fuzhou CA Lacquer Free Furniture Co., plan to conduct a comprehensive demonstration for the future,leaving the business,provide scientific theoretical basis to join the furniture trade business,but also can make up for the current lack of business model of small and medium sized furniture enterprises in the market.Firstly,this paper analyzes the traditional furniture trade in the market of small and medium-sized furniture trade enterprises,expounds the realistic demand of small and medium enterprises in the furniture market,the traditional furniture trade business model gradually lost function.After furniture import and export documents related to materials,the furniture import and export products in design innovation,production management,sales,as well as the pre-market after-sales service business model put forward the unique innovation;Second,expounded the Fuzhou CA Lacquer Free Furniture Co.,Ltd.related information,and market advantages and disadvantages of the rights and interests of entrepreneurs,product advantage and sustainable competition,the company development strategy,internal staff management,human resources management strategy and the core of enterprise culture,further defined the Fuzhou CA Lacquer Free Furniture Co.,Ltd.product market environment,product supply and competitors' basic situation,and through relevant literature data statistics,understand the import and export prices of product demand point,the market range,through what channels and sales mode,and further determine the Fuzhou CA Lacquer Free Furniture Co.,Ltd.products in the market positioning,and determine the corresponding production strategy,marketing strategy,etc;Again,in this paper,the Fuzhou CA Lacquer Free Furniture Co., financial analysis and equity allocation,risk capital protection programs,as well as a startup project to realize high yield for five years before,three years is expected to achieve mass profit,profit and loss balance is 3.5356 million yuan,through the uncertainty analysis and sensitivity analysis showed that the Fuzhou CA Lacquer Free Furniture Co., profitable and strong resistance risk;Finally,pointed out that the Fuzhou CA Lacquer Free Furniture Co., the policy,management,finance,market,management may encounter the risk of problems,and proposes the corresponding risk control strategy.In conclusion,it sums up main works and prospect for the future in this paper as well as puts forward two important demonstration results-researching Fuzhou CA Lacquer Free Furniture Co.,Ltd.,business model,to promote the development of small and medium-sized enterprise in the industry of foreign trade has great role;Fuzhou CA Lacquer Free Furniture Co.,Ltd.innovation mode of different,the enterprise sustainable development strategy,business environment analysis,marketing strategy,theory and practice of financial analysis,risk control strategy can make the Fuzhou CA Lacquer Free Furniture Co.,Ltd.products to occupy the main market,its innovative business model works.
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