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The Research On Business Model Of Free Strategy For Internet Companies

Posted on:2019-04-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2439330596956365Subject:Business management
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Business model is the basis for the survival and development of enterprises.In general every successful business has a set of effective,unique and sustainable development of the business model.At the same time,with the advent of Internet era,"free lunch" and more and more free strategy began to shine and become a magic weapon to open up the market,created Sina,Sohu,Net Ease,Alibaba,Shanda and other Internet giants,which has a profound influence on our daily life.Free strategy business model is becoming the inevitable foundation of the new economic paradigm.However,the practice of its business model needs to be further enriched in relevant theoretical researches and needs to be guided by countermeasures and suggestions to further its development.Therefore,this article starts from the following four aspects:First of all,the article reviews the free strategy development process by reading relevant literature and materials on free strategies.On this basis,it analyzes the theoretical support factors and internal and external drivers of free strategies and SWOT analysis on the development trend.Secondly,according to Strauss' s three-stage grounded theory analysis method,NVIVO qualitative analysis software is used to encode case data of a typical enterprise.Based on the formed concept,the core generic of multi-dimensional multi-module is extracted and constructed accordingly The structural model of the free strategic business model is presented,and the operational mechanism and key components of the business model are analyzed.Then,through the combination of theoretical research and financial analysis,this paper focuses on the profit model of free strategy from two aspects: the composition of the elements and the financial performance.Through the analysis of the four elements of profit source,profit point,profit lever and profit barrier,the paper analyzes the profit logic of free strategy and uses financial indicators from the perspective of financial management to further analyze the specific impact and effect of free strategy on corporate profits.Finally,on the basis of the previous research,the value-added theory is used toanalyze the value-added of the free business model.The countermeasures and suggestions for optimizing the free business model are put forward from three aspects: the enterprise itself,the user and the value network.
Keywords/Search Tags:free strategy, business model, internet enterprise, value net
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