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Research On The Financing Channel Of The Incubating Enterprises In The Science Park Of Harbin University Of Science And Technology

Posted on:2019-02-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As the government publicize the concept of "the masses start up business and innovation",the meanings of "innovation" and "start up business" have been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.The Heilongjiang Provincial government positively responds to the national call for the further implementation of the central spirit of the "double creation",according to local conditions to make out significant political measures,such as "Heilongjiang Provincial people's government implementation of deepening the reform of institutional mechanisms to accelerate the implementation of innovation developmental space” and "Heilongjiang Provincial People's Government guidance on the promotion and technology business incubator and space development" and so on.The Science Park of Harbin University of Science and Technology as the incubator service subject of innovation and start up business,which is committed to promoting some inner construction,for example,the service system that covering enterprising incubation,scientific and technological achievements become true and support undergraduate start up business,and other aspects.The Science Park is also based on the power of the construction of national innovation system,follow the Heilongjiang economic structure adjustment direction and target to serve the local economy,from regular service Park to the innovation and development park.For sci-tech small and medium-sized enterprises in the Science Park,most of them are high-tech industries and invest more in science and technology,which demands amount of funding.As a result,the funds obtained by using the traditional financing channel are not sufficient for the incubating enterprises.So,through the research on the financing status of the Science Park,the financing channel was designed for the incubating enterprise.First of all,this thesis set forth the literature of small and medium-sized technology-based enterprise in domestic and foreign countries,and combine with incubated enterprises' condition of HUST science and technology park and current financing status,divide the life cycle of incubated enterprises into early period,developing and mature period,and analyze the current financing issue of incubated enterprises.Secondly,this thesis has analyzed the existing opportunity and threat of incubated enterprises' external financing environment in science and technology park and the advantage and disadvantage of internal financing environment.And then,this thesis concluded the current and new financing channel of incubated enterprises in HUST science and technology park to study the financing channel choices at early period,developing period,mature period and other stages by integrating incubated enterprises into life cycle.At last,this thesis has solved the financing difficulties of incubated enterprises in science and technology park and promoted the enterprises development by elevating intermediary service ability of HUST science and technology park,struggling to obtain government technological investment through multiply channels and introducing University Technology Risk Investment company to safeguard the implementation of incubated enterprises' financing channel,and provide suggestions which including complete enterprise internal management and financial system,elevate enterprise credit level,enhance enterprise creativity.
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