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Research On The Impact Of Fintech On Financing Of Small And Micro Businesses

Posted on:2019-02-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the economic development of our country,the contradiction between the high economic contribution of small and micro enterprises and the low financial support rate has become increasingly prominent.The rapid rise of financial science and technology has become one of the important driving forces for deepening financial sector reform and improving the financial system's ability to serve the real economy.While many related studies are devoted to the theoretical research stage of financial science and technology,this paper takes the theory of financial deepening,interest rate liberalization,and information economics as the theoretical foundation,and combines theoretical and empirical research methods to comprehensively and systematically analyze the impact of financial science and technology on economic growth.The mechanism of financial asset pricing and financing of small and micro enterprises is to further crack down on the difficulties of financing and financing of small and micro enterprises.The full text consists of 5 chapters.Through comprehensive and systematic research,this paper addresses the following issues:First,the analysis of financial science and technology and economic growth shows that financial science and technology develop new financial business forms and innovate financial functions,which helps to form multi-level small and micro enterprises.Financial service system.The second is the analysis of financial technology and financial asset pricing.Financial technology has accelerated the diversion of deposits and provided more funding options,promoting interest rate liberalization and rational pricing of financial assets.The third is the analysis of financial technology and small and micro enterprise credit,information gathering and identification of financial science and technology,effectively expanding the feasible range of credit for small and micro enterprises,and enhancing commercial bank's ability to control the credit of small and micro enterprises.Fourth,based on relevant data from March 2012 to March 2018,the VECM model was established to verify the extent and duration of financial science and technology impact on economic growth,short-term short-term bank costs,and credit size of small and micro enterprises.This paper innovatively takes the application value of financial science and technology as a starting point,and focuses on analyzing the theoretical mechanisms of financial technology affecting the financing of small and micro enterprises,and uses the VECM model to verify the relevant data,with a view to providing financial science and technology to assist small and micro enterprises in financing.The practical significance of this study is mainly as follows:First,through the research of financing technology for small and micro enterprises,it is demonstrated that financial technology can effectively solve the financing dilemma of small and micro enterprises.The second is to provide constructive financial technology to help solve the financing difficulties of small and micro enterprises.
Keywords/Search Tags:Fintech, Small and Micro Enterprises, VECM Model, Financing
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