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Based On Spatial Econometric Method The Influence Of Fiscal Decentralization On Economic Benefits

Posted on:2019-08-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2429330569978977Subject:Regional Economics
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With the further development of China's economy,the reform of fiscal decentralization has played a very essential role in the process of national economic system transformation and development.Now,China's economy has entered in a new normal,which is low-speed development,we no longer blindly pursue the fast economic development,but require the overall development of the economic benefits.It is required that the regional development be more balanced,the industrial layout is more reasonable and the resources and environment are more friendly.In the new economic environment,our country needs the governmental intervention to ensure the steady development of China's economy;Fiscal decentralization system is one of the most important aspects of the governmental macroeconomic management,Exploring of the fiscal decentralization and the influence of the economic benefits,those two are of the great significances for government to play the leading role of the economic development.Based on the fiscal decentralization theory and economic growth theory,this thesis analyzes the relationship between fiscal decentralization and economic benefits at first,agreeing that fiscal decentralization can influence the level of economic benefits by influencing the economic growth stability,sustainability,coordination,potential of economic development,resident's income and welfare level,resource and environmental cost,Promoting economic growth in the region through the financial behavior of the local government.After that,based on the theoretical analysis,this paper uses the spatial econometric model to verify the influence of fiscal decentralization to the economic benefits,by using the data of 30 provinces in China that between 2001-2015.According to the above research conclusions are as follows: first,improve the overall economic benefits in various regions of our country,but the gap between the regions still exist;second,the neighboring provinces of economic and fiscal decentralization has the spatial correlation;third,fiscal decentralization is a big impact on the economic benefits of the change.Finally,the corresponding countermeasures and suggestions are put forward in view of the results of the empirical analysis.Specifically,we should pay much attention to regional economic disparity,narrow the gap between the rich and the poor,further strengthen the "linkage effect",promote the process of regional integration,improve the fiscal decentralization system and improve the local tax system reform.
Keywords/Search Tags:fiscal decentralization, economic growth, economic benefits, Spatial correlation
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