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Fusion And Variation—On The Role Of Sensory Experience In The Mixed Space Of Contemporary Art

Posted on:2019-05-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Humans from homo sapiens to now has about 100000,after the war,disease,suffering,and prosperity,fusion,decomposition and so on,until the emergence of humanism,humans seem to follow the humanism of light go straight to the present,but the industrial era of 4.0 and the artificial intelligence in the era of occuring and digital media era of be vividly portrayed,makes the human have to root the crisis of humanism.Humanism is the religion of the modern world,so we can expect that in the development of artificial intelligence to the mature stage,what will human beings believe in? Art since homo sapiens times to the present contemporary art also has experienced the suffering,war,split,merge,and many other period,new media art is the development of science and technology also in expanding category,installation art,art of programming,virtual art,digital art,and so on.It is the existence of "virtual reality" that causes discussion and thinking in these art forms,so is the virtual existence of new media art really virtual? And in the subjective world the reality of the reality of many art forms is "real" ? This article through to the sensory habits and sensory experience as the breakthrough point,demonstrating the subjective consciousness of virtual sex,new media art,and in the subjective world of figurative art of "real," cognitive,confirmed the existence of the new media art mix of space.This paper is divided into four parts: the first part is to demonstrate the subjective consciousness of sensory experience in artistic creation,so as to seek the clues of "virtual reality" in the sensory experience.In the second part,the virtual reality of new media art under the sensory experience is the existence of real subjective consciousness,and the real existence of programming,data and virtual signals.From the concrete,abstract and other art forms to confirm the virtuality of the real art works and the objective world of the vision in the subjective world.The third part,combined with the first two points and the proof,comprehensively discusses the mixed space in the current new media art,and the influence of mixed space on artistic creation.In the fourth part,I will share my experience in creating a hybrid space with sensory experience,and the influence of mixed space on "art of the future".Art form is bound to follow the social,cultural,scientific development change,pluralistic integration will also be the development trend of art,not in the form of art,based on human living space,the change of environment,sensory experience also inevitable change,is this change will form the pluralistic mixed space,will launch and the conduction of the new era of "art" in the future.
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