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Research On The Influence Of Digital Reading On Mongolian College Students' Learning

Posted on:2021-01-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the development of science and technology,a variety of new media have appeared that meet the requirements of The Times.It is the emergence of these new media that provides them with a large amount of information,thus enriching the learning life of college students.The media is a double-edged sword,which brings convenience to college students and increases their pressure at the same time.Digital reading,which is generated and developed on the basis of new media,is a typical example.This paper analyzes the actual situation of Mongolian students participating in digital reading in eight universities in Hohhot from the perspective of digital media.According to the research results,the relationship between digitalization and college students' learning and the influence of digitalization on college students' learning are summarized.On this basis,it gives valuable Suggestions for college students how to apply digital reading to study in a more reasonable and effective way.The paper is composed of three parts: introduction,text and conclusion.The introduction mainly explains the research object,the reason of the topic,the purpose and significance of the topic,the research overview and research methods.The first part mainly introduces the concept of digital reading.This part mainly from the digital media,summed up the concept of digital reading.The third part of this part introduces the overview of Mongolian digital books.The second part mainly introduces the theoretical knowledge of news related to this paper,which provides the theoretical basis for the compilation of future papers.The third part mainly discusses the negative and positive effects of digital reading on Mongolian universities.The fourth part mainly discusses the problems existing in the process of digital reading for Mongolian college students,and provides valuable Suggestions on how to apply digital reading to study.
Keywords/Search Tags:Mongolian university students, Digital reading, Learning, impact
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