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Study On Chinese Language Learning Difficulty And Strategy Of Mongolian University Students Under Non-target Language Environment

Posted on:2019-11-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y A m a r z a y a ZhaFull Text:PDF
GTID:2405330545455367Subject:Chinese international education
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Language learning environment is one of the important influencing factors for the effect of language learning.Compared with learning Chinese under target language environment,learning as a second language under non-target language environment is more influenced by the national conditions and thus encounter more difficulties in learning.In recent years,the exchange between China and Mongolia in the political,economic and cultural fields have been increasing,and there has been a great upsurge of learning Chinese in Mongolia.The number of Mongolian students who are studying in Chinese universities is increasing year by year and besides,the number of university students who are learning Chinese in Mongolia is also very huge.These Mongolian learners are influenced by the non-target language environment and Mongolian national conditions,therefore they are faced with many difficulties in learning Chinese.This study is based on the research results of Chinese language learning difficulties under non-target language environment,and further analyzes the difficulties encountered by Mongolian university students in their Chinese learning and make an in-depth investigation of the reason of these difficulties.On the ground of the above,some suggestions will be put forward to help Mongolian university students for their better learning Chinese and improving their language level.The paper consists of five parts,as follows:The first part is the introduction,which mainly summarizes the research background,research significance and literature review.The second part first defines the definition of "environment","target language","non-target language environment".Then with the integration of the learning difficulties encountered by learners under the non-target language environment,this paper analyzes the specific difficulties facing as a result of the social,family,school,classroom and teaching environment by Mongolian students in the process of Chinese learning under non-target language environment.The third part is the survey and analysis of Mongolian university students'difficulties in learning Chinese under the non-target language environment.The main difficulties in Chinese learning of Mongolian university 61 students were investigated by means of interview and questionnaire,specifically divided into several environment influencing factors.1)Difficulties caused by the social environment,such as lack of communication with Chinese people,access to Chinese language and the lack of Chinese program broadcasting media;2)Difficulties caused by school environment:The lack of Chinese books and Chinese teachers in schools,wide range of learning content and homework of other subjects for students causing squeeze of Chinese study time,lack of adaptation to the instruction language of either Mongolian teachers or Chinese teachers;3)Difficulties caused by family environment:Students financial difficulties in purchasing Chinese textbooks or studying in Chinese training institutions;4)Learners individual psychological factors:Such as students lack of self-confidence of their language ability,continuous thinking that their Chinese level is very low etc.In the fourrth part,according to the survey results,the author puts forward some relevant suggestions to schools,teachers and students,hoping that schools and teachers can guide and support students for effective learning,and students can overcome the above-mentioned difficulties caused from social,family,school,classroom,teaching environment and psychological factors under the non-target language environment.The fifth part is the conclusion of the paper,which mainly summarizes the research results of the paper,and reviews the shortcomings in the research process,such as the extensiveness and representativeness of the sample selection,the level of language expression and so on should be further strengthened.
Keywords/Search Tags:Non-target language environment, Chinese language learning difficulties, Mongolian university students, Learning strategies
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