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On The Patient's Right Of Informed Consent

Posted on:2020-06-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In recent years,Chinese people have higher and higher requirements on health level,and the number of people going to the hospital is increasing year by year,which makes the doctor-patient relationship increasingly tense and medical disputes increasing.In order to curb the development of this situation,it is urgent to improve the current situation of legislation in the medical field.Only by fundamentally making up the defects,can we carry out as soon as possible in practice,so as to better solve the present stage of doctor-patient conflicts.In 2010,the tort liability law of China was promulgated and implemented.Although the previous vague definitions were clearly defined in the provisions of the law,there were still many defects and gaps in the controversial issues.This article from many patients informed consent right infringement cases,choose two case as the main research object,through the analysis of the case of patients right of informed consent in China are put forward the problems and defects in the legislation and practice,and then refer to the continental law system and Anglo-American law system countries in legislation experience of patients right of informed consent,the judicial practice of our country put forward their own views and suggestions.
Keywords/Search Tags:Patient informed consent, Physician disclosure obligation, Subject of right, Performance of the standard, Liability for tort
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