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Research On The Extradition Mechanism In Cross-border Pursuit Of Fugitives

Posted on:2021-05-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the continuous prosperity and development of science and technology as well as economy and society,the world has become a veritable global village.Human production activities show a closely related trend,and trade and cultural exchanges between various countries become increasingly frequent.As well as flowers,but also weeds,the resulting problems gradually rose to the surface.For example,the frequent occurrence of crimes,especially international crimes and the internationalization of criminals,has become a major trend.How to deal with these problems is a huge challenge faced by all countries in the world.Extradition,as a kind of international judicial cooperation system and the basic means of pursuit of criminals,in the international crime is playing an increasingly important role in the global fight,although the extradition system has been widely used throughout the world,but affected by many factors,its role has not been fully made use of,the realization of the extradition but is limited by a lot of,in the development of the international pursuit of extradition cooperation in the future may be more difficult,how to establish and perfect the related system of extradition,how to break through the dilemma facing the extradition is worthy of our discussion.This paper is divided into three chapters.The first chapter systematically introduces the development of extradition at home and abroad,and discusses it from the United Nations,foreign countries and China,laying the foundation for the writing of the later part.The second chapter expounds the current difficulties faced by the implementation of extradition in the process of transnational fugitives.By combining with the latest and most influential cases,it demonstrates and analyzes the causes of the current difficulties in the implementation of extradition from the political,economic and cultural aspects.The third chapter puts forward several feasible Suggestions to improve the current extradition system of transnational fugitives,and discusses how to effectively deal with the current dilemma of extradition from multiple perspectives and thoughts.
Keywords/Search Tags:international crime, extradition, judicial cooperation
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