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Research On Extradition Problems Of Anti-terror International Cooperation In International Law

Posted on:2019-08-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Terrorism is a multi-social phenomenon influenced by political,economic,legal and cultural factors.In recent years,terrorist crimes have become increasingly rampant,accompanied by strong international development.The attack and punishment of terrorist crime is no longer a matter of one country or one.In order to effectively combat and punish terrorist crimes,the international community has deepened international counterterrorism cooperation and exchanges in various aspects.As the most basic means of international criminal justice cooperation,extradition should play its key role in the field of international counter-terrorism cooperation.In practice,however,influenced by many complex factors,the role of extradition in international cooperation against terrorism is often limited,and even become an obstacle to the divisions of international cooperation against terrorism and the source.Deal with the harsh realities of international counter-terrorism situation more complex,in order to make the extradition sustainable development in the field of counter-terrorism cooperation smoothly,really exert its effect,from the perspective of international law,international cooperation against terrorism in the extradition is more special practical significance to study of the problem.Based on the particularity of extradition issue in international cooperation against terrorism as the research foundation,from its particularity to see the status quo of extradition in current international cooperation against terrorism,further exposed many problems in present situation of extradition cooperation against terrorism typed analysis.This paper focuses on the interpretation of the extradition problem in international cooperation in anti-terrorism from three aspects: the concept and the legal analysis of the non-politicized problem of extraditable crime in the field of anti-terrorism cooperation;The application of the principle of double imputation in the international cooperation of anti-terrorism is analyzed from the rule of extradition.The procedural issues involved in the international cooperation in anti-terrorism are analyzed from the procedure.Finally,in order to better solve the actual problem of extradition in international cooperation on anti-terrorism,the author puts forward relevant and perfect legal advice.The aim is to enable the extradition system to play a more effective role in combating international terrorism and to meet the new challenges posed by the current international terrorism.This is an important reference for the establishment of an international counter-terrorism community to effectively combat and contain terrorist crimes in the current fight against terrorism.
Keywords/Search Tags:Anti-terrorism International Cooperation, Extradition, Terrorist Crime
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