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The Influence Of Teachers' Autonomous Support And Self-determination Motivation On High School Students' Learning Investment And Academic Performance

Posted on:2019-03-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2437330578978334Subject:Mental health education
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Teachers'autonomous support refers to the students' perceived autonomous support from teachers;Self-determination motivation refers to the individual's free choice of behavior based on the full understanding of individual needs and environmental information,and guides people to engage in activities that are interesting to them and beneficial to the development of their abilities,so as to realize the social environment adapt.The purpose of this study is to investigate the effects of teachers'autonomous support,self-determination motivation,characteristics of learning engagement,and teachers'autonomous support and self-determination motivation on learning engagement and academic performance.A total of 564 students from grade 1 to grade 3 of a four-star senior high school were randomly selected by questionnaire.The results of the survey are as follows:1.Senior high school students' learning engagement is above the medium level,and the junior high school students' learning engagement is significantly higher than that of senior one and senior two,and the female students'learning engagement is significantly higher than that of male students.2.The types of self-motivation of freshmen and sophomores in senior high school are controlled self-motivation and junior high school is autonomous self-motivation.There is no difference between boys and girls.3.Senior high school students'perceived ability of teachers' autonomous support is above medium level.Senior three students'autonomous support level is the highest and there is a significant difference between senior one and senior two.Girls' autonomous support level is significantly higher than boys'.4.Self-determination motivation of senior high school students is positively correlated with learning engagement and academic achievement,and teacher self-support is positively correlated with learning engagement and academic achievement.5.Autonomous decision motivation plays a moderating role in the mediating process between perceived teacher support,learning involvement and learning achievement,and learning involvement plays a completely mediating role in perceived teacher support on learning achievement.
Keywords/Search Tags:Senior High School Student, Teachers' Autnomy Support, Self-determination Motivation, School Engagement, School Achievement
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