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Research On The Optimization Of The 020 Distribution Channel Strategy Of FS Electronics

Posted on:2018-12-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M WuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2439330548982970Subject:Business administration
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Along with the rapid development of e-commerce,the competition between traditional channel and electric business channel has been in full swing.Meanwhile,the conflict between two distribution channels has been intensified.From the perspective of development of the enterprise in the long run,it is imperative to handle the issue of online and offline channels conflict effectively.Taking the FS Electronics Company as research object,the paper mainly conducts an in-depth analysis of the conflict between online and offline distribution channels,in which the corresponding countermeasures are proposed.The paper is of positive research value to the strategic optimization of online and offline distribution channel in the Chinese e-commerce environment.Apart from that,it is of extensive significance and demonstration effect for other traditional electronic industries.The paper first analyzes the channel conflict related literature from the theory level,in which it mainly expounds on the concept of distribution channel conflict,the cause,classification,influence of conflict and corresponding solution.Subsequently,the present situation of online and offline channel in FS electronic company is analyzed.On this basis,the research methods,research means and technical lines are incorporated into the paper.According to the relevant theory of channel conflict,the paper emphatically explains the causes of conflict between online and offline channels in FS Electronics Company.Ultimately,combined with the actual situation of FS Electronic Company,the paper presents the overall train of thought and specific scheme on the online and offline integrated development.Specifically,the paper presents the basic development modes of online and offline dual channels,common platform of company website and multi-stage development.What is more,the paper points out the implementation of integrated development from the aspects of feasibility analysis,the formulation of electronic commerce strategy,the establishment of operating system,the building of e-commerce platform,marketing strategy planning and continuous system optimization and so on,and proposes the multi-stage implementation suggestion.In addition,some specific work such as structural adjustment of channels,resource integration and configuration,and operations and management of channels aspects need to be launched,so as to provide the fundamental guarantee for the implementation of online and offline integrated development.Without doubt,the channel conflict will not be solved in a day.As the market environment changes from time to time,only by keeping an eye on the overall situation of industry and market demand,following the era development and making constant self-examination and continuously improving the channel strategy to adapt to the changes in the broad industry environment,can the enterprise sustain the vitality and win the competitive advantage.
Keywords/Search Tags:traditional channel, e-commerce channel, channel conflict, strategy optimization, integrated development
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