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Design And Prototyping Of Non-standard Project Management System For Small And Medium Enterprise

Posted on:2020-09-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y N CaiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2439330572982061Subject:Industrial Engineering
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The vast majority of enterprises in China are SMEs,which undertake most of the variety of personalized and customized non-standard products.Non-standard product projects have the personalized functional requirements,customized design scheme,tight schedule of resource scheduling and procurement,etc.In addition,SMEs generally have problems such as shortage of resources and funds,and uneven staff capabilities,so it is very difficult and inefficient to carry out the management of multiple non-standard projects at the same time.Therefore,through literature analysis and typical non-standard project investigation of typical enterprises,this paper summarizes the project management requirements of SMEs under non-standard project scenarios,and analyzes the designed requirements of non-standard project management system from different dimensions based on Hall three-dimensional system engineering analysis model.This paper further analyzes the non-standard project management process and key information model,proposes a non-standard multi-project management scheme,carries out detailed scheme design for the most prominent problem such as non-standard project planning,enterprise resource scheduling,outsourcing task management and other issues,and finally realizes and demonstrates the corresponding prototype system.The main chapters of this paper are as follows:Chapter 1:This chapter mainly introduces the research background and significance of the paper,the research status of non-standard project management,similar case analysis,enterprise resource scheduling and other related technologies,as well as the research content and chapter arrangement of the paper.Chapter 2:Demand analysis and overall design of non-standard project management system for SMEs.Based on the analysis model of system engineering,the design requirement of non-standard project management system is analyzed.According to the requirement,the key information model and non-standard project management process are designed,and the system framework and database are designedChapter 3:Function module design of non-standard project management system.Based on the design requirements and key information model,the project management,task management.workflow management,resource management,outsourcing management,authority management and other functional modules of non-standard project management system are designed in detail.Chapter 4:Resource matching scheduling for multi-non-standard projects and matching scheme design for similar historical projects.This chapter introduces the task-resource matching scheme in non-standard project management system,the global enterprise resource scheduling scheme under normal conditions,the task resource re-matching scheme under unexpected circumstances and the matching algorithm of similar historical items,and proves the feasibility of each scheme through practical cases.Chapter 5:Development and application of prototype system.This chapter introduces the development environment of non-standard project management system,and combines with practical cases to analyze the function modules of non-standard project process management,project-related data management and other key function modules.Chapter 6:summarizes and prospects.This chapter summarizes the research work and results of the paper,and points out the direction for further improvement of the paper and the system.
Keywords/Search Tags:SMEs, non-standard project management, CBR, multi-project resource scheduling, reverse auction
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