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Research On The Sharing Financial Model Of Supporting Technology-based SMEs'Financing In Shandong Province Under The Transformation Of New And Old Kinetic Energy

Posted on:2020-03-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since 2014,China's economy has shown a new normal,and the Chinese economy is in a critical period of transition from a high-speed growth phase to a high-quality development phase.While promoting economic innovation and green development,China is actively seeking a shift in economic growth momentum.At present,China's resource endowment situation has undergone great changes,the comparative advantage of labor has shown a weakening trend,and the demographic dividend has gradually narrowed.At the same time,the diminishing marginal returns of factors such as capital and land are becoming more and more obvious,and the promotion of economic growth is also weakening.A series of new changes show that the development model that relies on a large amount of labor and capital investment is unsustainable.In the future,society will inevitably face rising factor prices,and resources and environmental pollution will become more serious.To improve the quality of economic development,we need to further explore the direction of technological progress,constantly explore the path of the transformation of new and old kinetic energy,and achieve high-quality economic development.After proposing the concept of new and old kinetic energy conversion,the Shandong Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government in-depth study and study,and quickly determine the implementation of major new and old kinetic energy conversion projects,and strive to create a new experimental zone for the conversion of old and new kinetic energy in the country.Increasing support for SMEs is of vital.importance to this major project.In the context of the major projects of new and old kinetic energy conversion in Shandong Province,SMEs play an indelible role as the most active market participants.For technology-based SMEs,the major strategy of transforming old and new kinetic energy provides unprecedented opportunities for development.Similarly,if SMEs can maintain a good development trend,they will vigorously promote the implementation of the transformation of new and old kinetic energy in Shandong..However,due to various factors such as its scale,development years,external environment and internal factors,most SMEs in Shandong Province are faced with various financing difficulties.Without sufficient financial support,the sustainable development of these enterprises is unsustainable,and the overall work of the transformation of old and new kinetic energy in Shandong Province will also be affected.Therefore,how to target the innovative financing channels according to the characteristics of SMEs has important research value and practical significance.This paper makes use of the major projects of the National Social Science Fund to grasp the growth and credit status of SMEs in Shandong Province through questionnaire survey,and systematically analyzes its development characteristics and financing status.On this basis,the paper proposes a financing innovation approach to support SMEs with the use of shared financial models,expounds the connotation of shared finance and the role of shared financial platform,and combines the specific platform of Jinan Quancheng Science and Technology Transaction Platform to conduct case analysis.Analyze the operation mode and operation mechanism of this kind of platform,and strive to provide reference and reference for other cities in Shandong Province to promote the conversion of new and old kinetic energy and support the financing of SMEs.This paper mainly has the following two innovations:First,it explores the specific ideas for promoting the conversion of old and new kinetic energy.The transformation of old and new kinetic energy is a great project of strategic importance in the process of China's economic transformation in recent years.Because the concept proposed by the concept is relatively late,the academic community has not yet constructed a complete normative research system.This article looks at this and explains the inherent log:ical relationship between the development of SMEs and the transformation of old and new kinetic energy,and has an innovative demonstration role in this field.Second,in the area of innovative financing channels,the use of shared financial models was proposed.Driven by the rapid development of the sharing economy,the new financial model of sharing finance has also been born in the financial sector.The internal mechanism and operation mode of shared finance are in line with the characteristics of SMEs.Therefore,this paper analyzes the relevant theories and operational mechanisms of shared finance in detail,which is conducive to the widespread promotion of this model in the future.
Keywords/Search Tags:Corporate finance, Technology-based SMEs, New and old kinetic energy conversion
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