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Research On TC Tourism Business Model

Posted on:2020-11-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y LuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2439330575979705Subject:Business Administration
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With the rapid development of science and technology,the Internet has become an indispensable tool in people's life.In order to adapt to the development of The Times,the tourism industry is bound to develop the Internet business model and implement synchronous online and offline operations.Therefore,the impact of tourism APP on the tourism industry is gradually growing.Tourism APP not only enriches the content and mode of the tourism industry,but also has an impact on the traditional offline tourism industry.From the end of the 20 th century,China's tourism website began to develop gradually,but this century,the tourism website began to develop rapidly,the scale of the tourism website began to become larger and larger,at the same time,the number is also increasing.This means that consumers can make travel plans and select different commodities through different channels.Therefore,tourism websites have become an important way for consumers to get tourism information.Through the analysis of the development of tourism enterprises and big data in China in recent years,it is found that TC tourism has created an exclusive field at present,because TC tourism belongs to comprehensive tourism and pays more attention to the development of high-end business travel customers.TC travel innovatively established a unique profit model,and at the same time has its own business model,such as hotel and flight reservation.The TC of the business model used in tourism,the most is the key point of product positioning,and one of the core positioning is the leisure line,operation method is to collaborate with other travel,profitable way is to charge all travel directly,this method is unique in many tourism enterprises,so has great commercial value.In order to make China's Internet tourism business e-commerce can have more development forms and development space,this paper mainly studied TC tourism,and analyzed and used for reference its management means and development methods.First,this paper analyzes the traditional travel agencis and online tourism website,then study the new business mode of tourism enterprises.This paper starts to introduce the development of traditional tourism enterprises and business model,Then makes a comprehensive and systematic analysis on the current difficulties and problems oftraditional tourism.At the same time,we find the development trend of traditional tourism in the future.Then it analyzes the business model of online travel website,gives a feasible optimization plan,puts forward the shortcomings of the current online travel website,summarizes its advantages,and systematically analyzes TC tourism according to the above analysis,including the current development situation,the profit mode,and the problems in the operation,and we give the corresponding innovative solutions.In summary,this paper has carried out a systematic and detailed analysis of TC tourism,and has providied a more complete and scientific reference for other tourism enterprises.
Keywords/Search Tags:Traditional tourism, Online travel, Business model, The Internet
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