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Research On Satisfaction Of Third Party Mobile Payment's User Payment Rural User In Shaanxi

Posted on:2020-08-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As the product of the integration of Mobile Internet technology and financial services,The development of Third-Party Mobile Payment in rural areas,can improve the coverage of Inclusive Finance and residents' sense of access,enhance the efficiency of financial services,reduce the financial intermediary rate;meet the requirements for settlement of small funds of micro customers,broaden the investment and financing channels of rural residents;improve the level of rural financial infrastructure construction,broaden the channels of financial knowledge popularization,increase the dividends of rural population financial services,promote rural economic development,and help implement the Rural Revitalization Strategy.In order to promote the distribution of Third-Party Mobile Payment in rural areas of Shaanxi Province and give full play to the complementary and coordinating role of non-cash payment in the development of Inclusive Finance,on the basis of the summary of domestic and foreign scholars' researches,combing the concept definition,operation mode,satisfaction theory,the rural user of Third-Party Mobile Payment satisfaction model in Shaanxi is constructed.The theoretical model includes six variables,as User Expectation,Perceived Quality,Perceived Value,Perceived Risk,Platform Image and User Satisfaction,and 22 measurement indicators.A total of 446 valid questionnaires were collected to form sample data.Descriptive statistical analysis and validity test were carried out by using SPSS and AMOS.On the basis of validity and reliability test,structural equation model fitting and hypothesis test were carried out.Research shows that the Platform Image has the greatest positive impact on the User Satisfaction of rural users in Shaanxi Province.User Expectation,Perceived Quality and Perceived Value have significant positive effects on User Satisfaction.Perceived Risk has a negative significant impact on Users Satisfaction with Third-Party Mobile Payment,which indicates that rural users' perception of economic risk,privacy risk and operational risk can reduce User Satisfaction to a certain extent.Finally,according to the basic usage of rural users in Shaanxi Province and the results of model validation,The government should improve the network infrastructure and supporting services,establish the risk prevention mechanism of third-party mobile payment,optimize the use environment of third-party mobile payment in rural areas and change the traditional concept of cash transactions of rural users,and The Third-Party Mobile Payment platform should optimize the quality ofthe platform,enhance the value of the platform,strengthen risk prevention and maintain the image of the platform to promote the application and promotion of third-party mobile payment in rural areas.
Keywords/Search Tags:Third-Party Mobile Payment, Customer Satisfaction Model, rural users, structural equation model
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