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Analysis On The Development Level And Influencing Factors Of Inclusive Finance In China

Posted on:2020-07-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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At present,there are still many people in China who have not opened bank accounts.The existing financial system shows more drawbacks,and there is a large gap in financial development between regions and uneven distribution of financial resources.Inclusive finance especially considers those who are not fair in society.Low-income groups and vulnerable groups that have access to financial products and services,developing inclusive finance can not only ease the imbalance of financial development,promote economic growth,but also maintain social stability,build a harmonious society,and achieve common prosperity,thus developing inclusive financial potential.It is imperative.To this end,this paper sorts out the achievements of scholars at home and abroad in studying the development degree and influencing factors of inclusive finance,and analyzes the development of inclusive finance in China from three aspects: the expansion of financial services coverage,the significant improvement of penetration rate and the continuous improvement of financial infrastructure construction.At present,combined with relevant research by scholars at home and abroad,some effective indicators have been selected to construct an evaluation system for the development level of inclusive finance in China.Using the financial data of 31 provinces and cities in China from 2006 to 2016,the coefficient of variation method is used according to the European distance.The formula measures and compares the development degree of inclusive finance in 31 provinces and cities in China.The results show that there are large gaps between the 31 provinces and cities in China at the current level of inclusive financial development,and the eastern coastal areas are developing rapidly.Development is slower.Then select the comprehensive index of inclusive financial development degree of 31 provinces and cities from the previous chapter as the dependent variable,select the financial industry added value,urbanization rate,Internet penetration rate and other indicators,and analyze each by static panel model.The impact of indicators on the development level of inclusive finance shows that financial fiscal expenditure,urbanization level,per capita GDP,convenient financial value of exposure,and increase in per capita disposable income of rural residents can allpromote the development of inclusive finance.Finally,based on the results of empirical research,we propose policy recommendations for improving the level of inclusive financial development in China from the following three perspectives: that government departments should strengthen top-level design,policy support,and improve the institutional system;financial institutions must first unify their thinking and strengthen policies.Understand,actively fulfill social responsibilities,recognize the importance of developing inclusive finance,and secondly,while increasing the construction of facilities in rural areas and increasing the layout of outlets,it is more important to use innovative capabilities to improve financial products and services for residents.The attraction;residents and small and medium-sized enterprises should improve their financial participation ability and their own quality,and strengthen their credit awareness and risk awareness.
Keywords/Search Tags:Inclusive finance, Small and Micro Enterprises, Per capita income of rural residents, Financial Service
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