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Research On Promoting China's Rural Inclusive Financial Development From International Experience

Posted on:2017-12-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2349330503480791Subject:World economy
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Inclusive Finance is an in-depth and sublimation of micro credit and micro finance. Its goal is to provide financial services for low-income groups excluded from the traditional financial services, reflecting an inclusive service concept. China is a large agricultural country, and agricultural production is large. The number of rural population accounts for a larger proportion of the total population of China, but economic income is not in proportion to the number of people. Rural economic income is far lower than that of cities, which is worth thinking about. In recent years, China has always stressed the need to pay attention to the development of rural economy. The performance of the economy in rural areas, directly affects the achievement of national economic development. To obtain equal opportunities for development in rural areas as urban areas and reduce the number of poor people, the development of Inclusive Finance in rural areas is the way to go.This paper mainly analyzes the present situation of the demand and supply of Inclusive Finance in rural areas of China. Taking the demand of rural areas in Shexian County and the Internet supply mode-- Appropriate agricultural credit as an example, this paper analyzes the problems of rural inclusive finance through the collection of data and finds that credit guarantee agency is not perfect, the coverage rate of rural financial institutions is insufficient, the cost of access to financial services is high, payment instruments are lagging behind and the construction of laws and regulations are not perfect. This paper draws on the successful experience of foreign rural financial development, and analyzes the Grameen Bank Group Insurance Mechanism, Brazil's non-bank agency, Kenya's mobile banking and Russia's financial literacy program, etc. This paper puts forward the following corresponding countermeasures: strengthen financial literacy in rural areas; promote and enhance the construction of rural credit guarantee mechanism; establish the multi-level rural inclusive financial system; perfect the payment tools and services, innovative financial products; speed up the development of Internet bank in rural areas; perfect the relevant laws and regulations in rural areas.
Keywords/Search Tags:Rural inclusive finance, Small and micro enterprises, Internet finance
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